Yellowman bike Jerseys For Women -

Yellowman bike Jerseys For Women

By June 7, 2012September 27th, 2017Clothing, Women's Clothing

Yellowman Bike Jerseys For Women / Ski Haus Steamboat Springs
Yellowman2 Bike Jersey For Women / Ski Haus Steamboat

Tired of the same-old looking bike jerseys that have been around for years and years? So are we. Yellowman Cylcing Jerseys caught our eye because of their prints. And we like them even more since we started wearing them and have come to appreciate their performance, too.

Yellowman Jerseys are made with MadKool. It efficiently moves sweat away from the body to the outer layer of the fabric, where it dries faster than other fabrics.

In addition, MadKool fabrics regulate your natural body temperature so you will stay warm in cool weather activities, and cool when your heart is pumping. Thats why MadKool is the perfect fabric for Cycling Tops, Leggings, Shirts, and Shorts. Whether your are cycling, hiking, running at yoga class or on the dance floor you will feel dry and comfortable in YMX apparel made with MadKool fabric.

Some MadKool fabrics, such as those used in YMX cycling jerseys, offer UV protection so you can wear them on your next outdoor excursion without having to worry about exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

MadKool fabrics have a lot of stretch, hold their shape and are abrasion resistant. Although they feel delicate, they aren’t. Wear YMX garments hard, they can handle it just fine and they are easy to care for.

As an added bonus, MadKool fabrics are engineered to receive prints with vivid clarity and permanance, wash your garment over and over so you don’t have to worry about wearing your garment hard.

Come on in and take a look at the fun prints from Yellowman!

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