Before Work Ride -

Before Work Ride

By August 4, 2014 Bikes, Featured

Emerald Mtn bike riding
Start Your Day Right!

– We all have to work from time to time, but work seems so much more fun when you can do something active and fun, like a before work ride. In Steamboat we are lucky, we have an awesome biking playground in our backyard. Even if you just have an hour to spare you can get an awesome ride in, with enough climbing to feel like you got a workout in and enough descent to send you to work with a smile on your face.

I am a creature of habit. Typically I like to put my headphones on and get my morning news in on the ascent (NPR is nice because they are constantly telling you what time is, so you can be sure to not be late for work). If I’ve been taking it easy or if I dawdled getting out of bed then I head down MGM to Molly’s to home. If I got up early and have been cruising then its Blair Witch to Quarry Mountain. Whenever the descent starts, the headphones change from news to some rocking tunes (quiet enough that I can hear other riders) to carry me home.

Regardless of how long the ride is, it is always great heading in knowing that you have already done something with your day. Additionally, I am always so thankful to be living in such a beautiful place with so many fun outdoor activities. I also feel a little bad for the suckers who’s routine involves getting on a treadmill at 24 hour fitness at 5 in the morning.

Photo: Connie McCormick
The view from Emerald Mountain looking back towards the Steamboat Ski Area.

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