Women's Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Shoes

Women’s Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Shoes

By April 29, 2016May 11th, 2016Featured, Women's Footwear

ahnu sugarpineAthletic-Inspired Waterproof Hiker

– The women’s Ahnu Sugarpine hiking shoes are designed for traditional hiking, fast hiking, and all day walking. They’re an athletic inspired waterproof hiker. In other words when you’re ready to cover some distance without the weight and bulk of a big hiking boot – these are the shoes that will work great for you.

First appearances can be deceiving and I think this is especially true with these hikers. At first glance they might appear too light for hiking in the backcountry. When you try them on your feet you can feel the hidden strength of the midsole. It’s not too stout that it feels overly stiff but it is strong enough to protect your feet from rocks and roots on the trail.

The Ahunu Sugarpine is waterproof. The waterproof-breathable technology in the Sugarpine works great keeping your feet dry on a wet trail or an all day downpour in the city. Warm and dry feet are of of life’s most simple pleasures and it cannot ever be overrated or under appreciated.

Where you might be cautious with these hikers is if you add a mid sized pack and you’re carrying more than day pack weight. Carrying day packs with light loads in them you’ll be fine. Heavier loads – not so much. But that takes us back to the intent of these shoes. Light and fast for quick trips into the high country, exploring new places on vacation, all day comfort at work or running errands in town.

The Ahnu Sugarpine hiking shoes look good and feel good and you’ll find them to be a very versatile pair of footwear for hiking, travel, and just kickin’ around town.





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