Winter Backcountry Safety -

Winter Backcountry Safety

Backcountry avalanche safetyBEING PREPARED INCLUDES KNOW-HOW

– Winter has not shown much interest in relinquishing its hold so Spring can take over this year. Colder temperatures and continuing snowfall have created a stark contrast between this April and last. We are happy to acknowledge that biking season is right around the corner, but thanks to the weather most of us have yet to stow our winter toys. The chairs quit running a week ago, however our splitboards and A/T gear allow us to continue our season.

The growing popularity of backcountry skiing and snowboarding has fueled the development of some new and exciting equipment that can make our outdoor adventures safer and more enjoyable. With the advancements in splitboard design and construction we have seen an explosion in the popularity of backcountry snowboarding.  However, there is inherent risk in entering the backcountry. Having the right equipment is incredibly important, and there are some basic tools that every skier and rider should carry when venturing beyond the resort boundary.

An avalanche beacon, shovel, and probe are the foundation of a proper kit. To which you can add an AvaLung and an Airbag system that can greatly increase your chances should the unthinkable happen. However, the most important tool for safely navigating the backcountry is knowledge. Understanding what to look for and how to avoid areas where an avalanche is likely to occur is the key to low risk travel in the backcountry. Also, just like mom used to say, pick your friends wisely. Always surround yourself with other experienced and educated backcountry skiers and riders. If a slide happens your life could be in their hands.

Here at the ‘Haus we do what we do because we share your love of the outdoors. We pride ourselves on having all the best equipment and a knowledgeable staff to get you properly equipped for whatever adventure you have in mind. We also encourage our customers to go prepared with the knowledge necessary to get there and back safely. Stop in or give us a call to find out about the programs we offer or to learn more about the other resources that are available. Be safe and enjoy!

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