What's Good for the Body is Good for the Soul -

What’s Good for the Body is Good for the Soul

By November 18, 2015February 2nd, 2016Featured, Rock Climbing

avoid early winter season injuryAvoid this dreaded early season mistake

– The winter months are upon us, salivation over winter precipitation is increasing by the minute as the snow is piling up on the Steamboat Ski area and throughout the Yampa Valley. As climber's rack of protectionfresh snow starts to fall and the first tracks of the year are made, I find myself still yearning for the red desert and abundance of splitters ever present in Indian Creek.

This cam plugging, sp-rad climbing mecca is always in the front of my mind when I have the opportunity to get out and send. My most recent homage to the land of cracks left me craving more time in this crack climber’s oasis. Never does one need to subject yourself to recreational singularity. Keeping one’s recreation activities constantly diverse is not only good for the body, it’s good for the soul. Diversity can help easy the strains one endeavor may impose upon the body; tired hands and overused forearms in climbers, IT band and foot pains in runners, and sore knees on skiers and riders. Moreover, keeping one’s skill set fresh can help one develop faster as any type of mountain athlete.
utah moutain bikingAs the snow tantalizes and tempts us early in the season, it is easy to remind ourselves, “It’s only November, the snow will be around for a while!” So why not step back a moment and remember that an early season mistake, generally due to eagerness, is no reason to miss an entire season of freshies. Keep yourself active, do not fall into a mud season rut and then expect to be able to shred deep pow your first day on mountain, your legs will remind you very quickly that you haven’t skied in 7 months. My most recent ski tour with some of Routt County’s most experienced backcountry travelers reminded me that my legs are not quite in the shape I expected. Since my skiing technique is well below adequate in the land of Olympians and children that can ski before they can walk, I waste more energy than I would like trying to farm turns with these experienced old time ski bums.
With all the hype of winter building throughout town, be prudent in your decision making, remember that all your favorite warm weather activities are just a short drive away, like biking in Fruita and climbing in Moab. Let the snow pile up. Get a good base under your skis before charging full bore into the next season and while you’re at it don’t let any cobwebs build up on your bicycles and ropes.
The winter weather is here. The season will be beautiful.

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