Wake Up! The Jones Project X Dream Board is Here!

Wake Up! The Jones Project X Dream Board is Here!

By November 15, 2016Featured, Snowboards

Jones Project X

The Future of Snowboard Production is Here!

The Project X snowboard from Jones represents one of those rare opportunities to experience a concept that was uninhibited by the bottom line. Cost was not a factor with the Project X, it was more about what if your dream board was brought to fruition without limitation. Here at the ‘Haus, we love these kinds of endeavors.
The Project X is a razor sharp, ultralight board made with Jones’ most advanced materials and construction technologies. Jones’ Board Engineer Xavier Nidecker designed the Project X to be a board that reflects the future of snowboard production. It’s built using a unique variation of ULTRA Construction that features multiple layers of Fusion Tech and Textreme Carbon instead of a traditional topsheet/fiberglass. The edges of the “Spoon” nose are beveled up for improved float and turn fluidity while the tail edges are beveled up for less catch. This limited board is the lightest and most advanced board in the Jones quiver… Which is saying a lot.
In fact, there are so many technological advancements that make up the Project X, I won’t even attempt to list them all. This is a board that you won’t find in but a few shops globally, and it’s one that you need to see and touch to appreciate. To own and ride a Project X is to be a part of an exclusive fortunate group… And the ‘Haus can give you access!
2017 Jones Project X ($1499)

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