– Ski:  191 Voile Charger BC* w/ a Black Diamond O1 Telemark Binding.  *The BC stands for back country and this ski has fish scales in the kick zone for hiking.

Voile BC Charger SkiConditions and Weather:  Sunny mid 20’s.  Packed Powder and Groomers on the mountain, flat groomer powder in the side country.

Where We Went:  We started on the first tracks program taking the Gondola up 30 minutes early and skiing groomers on the Sundown side of the mountain. After a few groomers we moved to low angle powder in the side country.

Pros:  Let me just say I love this ski, it is probably the most excited I have been for a ski in a long time. This ski is not made for in-bounds skiing, but that didn’t even matter. It ripped the groomers making mostly GS style telemark turns. This ski also rocks in the powder, with lots of float and pretty good agility for a ski longer than I usually ski. This ski is also a rocking hiker. Without skins you can climb up pitches as steep as the one from the top of Morningside to the top of the gates.

Cons:  Again this ski is not really made for in-bounds skiing and at times you could tell. Skiing in the skied out trees from Sundown to Morningside it was tough to maneuver and a little sketchy. It’s also pretty slow on cat tracks due to the scales, not surprising.

Final Thoughts:  For the side country skiing and low angle skiing that we have in the Steamboat zone, this ski is absolutely rocking.  Rent it or buy it at the Ski Haus this winter.
Voile BC Charger Ski

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