Video: Patagonia Provisions – Food That Is Good For You And Our Planet

May 5, 2021 | Cross Country Skiing, Featured Products, Hiking and Camping Gear, Nordic

Cooking Spicy chili from Patagonia Provisions in the backcountry

Patagonia Provisions offers excellent easy to prepare meals for our backcountry expeditions, day trips, overnights, and any adventure that requires food to keep us going.

On a recent ski tour up on Rabbit Ears Pass we took along our camp stove and a Patagonia Provisions Spicy Red Bean Chili meal. I’m happy we did because the skiing wasn’t very good that day. The eating, however, was excellent!

It is worth clicking the link above. It provides information on the who, what, where, and why they are in the food business.

The partnerships they have formed to source their ingredients are worldwide (Spain, Africa, Nicaragua) including states within the USA. Alaska, Washington, South Dakota, Montana to name a few. Sustainable. Renewable. Regenerative.

Easy to Prepare Meals

The list of meals, soups, and breakfasts is impressive. It’s all delicious.

Cooking Patagonia Provisions Spicy red bean chili in the snowy backcountry

Patagonia Provisions offers Tart Apple Breakfast Grains and Red Raspberry Breakfast Grains, among others, to get your day going.

Dinners including Wild Sockeye Salomon, Tsampa Soup, Green Lentil Soup, and Spicy Red Bean Chilit are all staff favorites. Can you imagine an alpine dinner with an incredible view along with such tasty delights? Yes, we can!

Snacks include a variety of breadfruit crackers, energy bars loaded with organic fruit and nuts, and savory seed packets. These are all tasty bursts of energy you need.

Please note you should read the how to prepare instructions on each meal packet. Many of the meals you need to cook in a pan and not in the pouch. It’s easy enough. Boil some water and add the pouch’s ingredients to the water. I don’t mind doing dishes at home and I don’t mind cleaning dishes in the backcountry either!

Recipes for Home

Their website includes recipes that you can cook at home. Of course, you can use their ingredients or what you might have in your pantry. The point is you should eat as good as you can with the best ingredients you can find at home or on the trail.

Ski Haus has an excellent selection of Patagonia Provisions in stock. Come on in and pick up a few for your next backcountry adventure!

A version of this story was previously published by our friends at HIKE ROCKY magazine and is reused with their permission. HIKE ROCKY is devoted to all things Rocky Mountain National Park.