Tuning + Repair




  • Crystal Glide Tune: $75
  • Split board Hardware Removal for a Tune: $20
  • Edge & Wax: $40
  • Wax Only: $20


  • Montana Infrared Wax: $20
  • New Ski/Board Prep: $30
  • Wax Card: $50


  • Alpine/Tele/AT Ski/Splitboard Mount: $75
  • Complex Mount: $100
  • XC/Skate Ski Mount: $30-40
  • Binding Adjust/Test: $40

Climbing Skins

  • Skin Trim: $40 (Half Price with purchase of skin)
  • Complex Skin Trim: $50

Boot Fitting

  • Standard Liner Mold: $30
  • Complex Mold: $50
  • Shell Punch: $20+
  • BOA Repair: $15+

The Ski Haus Repair Shop features the Montana Crystal Glide One Robotic Tune Machine. Welcome to superb tunes for fantastic turns and gliding for all skis, snowboards and Nordic skis. No matter the shape, tip or tail design, lots of sidecut or not so much… your skis and boards will be perfectly base structured, even from edge to edge (a flat board, not concave or convex), perfectly base and side edged for optimum turn initiation and turn release, waxed, brushed, polished and ready to ride!

Features of the Crystal Glide One Robotic Tune Machine:
– Minimal base material removal during stone grinding (structure). The Montana Pro Technology precisely adjusts contact pressure from the stone to the ski base from both top and bottom. So if your ski or board is a twin tip, rockered, or a traditional cambered ski – the pressure is optimized not to over-grind or under-grind the structure into the base. The ski slides over the stone in the same way as it slides when skiing and riding.
– Montana Vario Structure enables different structure patterns over the width of the ski. Cold snow. Warm to wet snow. All round patterns and even  customizable structures are available.
– Side edge is done with high-tec ceramic belts. The Crystal Glide One Machine follows the shape of the ski and adapts exactly to every radius. The special pressure curve ensures a precise edge angle over the entire ski or board length.
– Base edge prep is done with HTT (High Tec Tuning) ceramic stones for precise edge sharpening and polishing.

Combine the Montana Crystal One with our Montana Wax Future for hot waxing your skis and boards and you have one of the best gliding, best handling, smoothest ski or snowboard rides you’ve ever had. The Wax Future heats wax without contact to the base by means of infrared – this allows gentle, homogeneous and deep penetration of the wax. This also dramatically reduces the amount of heat penetrating in to the core of your ski. Hot boxing has suddenly become old school and the Wax Future is at Ski Haus!


Having your boards running smooth adds safety to your day. Turn initiation, predictability, gliding are enhanced with a ski that is tuned properly. You won’t feel your ski or snowboard grabbing or lunging which can tip you forward or throw you into the back seat. The goal is to always have fun and a tuned ski lets you have more fun all day long.

The Techs in the Ski Haus Haus Repair Shop do fantastic work. When it comes to winter sports our guys are the closest thing to miracle workers that Steamboat has. Bring us your tired, gouged, dinged, rusted, and slow running winter tools and we will bring them back to full performance.

Ski Haus doesn’t discriminate. We work on alpine skis, telemark skis, snowboards, Nordic skate and classic skis, alpine touring skis, splitboards, backcountry touring skis, and snowshoes. Our guys have the expertise to tune and repair just about anything that slides on snow!

Don’t see what you need on our list of services but looking for a miracle? Stop by or give us a call. The Ski Haus Shop Guys are good!