TSL Snowshoes, Made In The French Alps

Dec 28, 2019 | Featured Products, Snowshoes

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TSL Snowshoes are different and that is a good thing. They look different, adjust different, and hike different. And once you get past the looks you will be enjoying a nice, easy-walking, comfortable snowshoe.

I was sent a pair of TSL snowshoes to test last Spring. Initially, I didn’t want to like them. Ski Haus has enough snowshoe options on our retail wall with Atlas, Crescent Moon, and MSR. Or so I thought. However, my mind was changed pretty darn fast with my initial hike.

TSL Bindings Make All The Difference

The bindings are super easy to adjust to your boots and very secure. They adjust width-wise at the ball of your foot and length wise for the size of your foot. And most importantly, with this length adjustment, the climbing bar is always in the right location under your heel. Genius!

I tested the Symbioz Hyperflex Elite model. The Symbioz frame is very flexible. This allows you to walk/hike with a natural heel/toe stride. No more clomp, clomp, clomp… A couple times I had to remind myself to walk normally (on a packed trail).

TSL Natural Stride

If you have been snowshoeing regularly over the years it is surprising how you adapt your stride to the snowshoe and accept that as normal. With the TSL Symbioz frame you no longer have to make those adjustments. Just walk normal!

Of course, if you are breaking trail through deeper snow you will have to lift your fsnowshoe to make your next step but on a packed trail the Symbioz difference is like night and day.

Three Sizes To Choose From

The TSL snowshoes come in three sizes. Small, medium, and large. There isn’t a men’s or women’s specific model. The hourglass shape easily accommodates anyone’s stride. Use the smaller deck for packed trails and if you need increased floatation use the large.

One of the buckles that you will notice right away is the one that comes around the front of your boot around your ankle. The traditional heel strap is eliminated. This around your ankle buckle is easy to reach, easy to buckle, and easy to take off. Essentially, all you have are two buckles to get into and out of the binding.

Ski Haus TSL Models

Ski Haus carries four models from TSL.
Symbioz Hyperflex Adjust $299
Symbioz Hyperflex Access $199
Highlander Adjust $249
Highlander Original $209

Give us call! Stop in! Come take a look at the TSL Snowshoes!