Top 25 for Summer -

Top 25 for Summer

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Our Top 25 for Summer List is fun to put together. By no means is it comprehensive or listed by numerical importance. This is a nice representation of what our employees love to do all summer long. Ride road and mountain bikes, hike, explore, climb, camp, backpack, go for trail runs, lounge, relax, enjoy being outside with friends, and treat each day with the freshness of new possibility… Have fun and don’t forget to write home!

1.Osprey Hydration Pack – Raptor 
Osprey has jumped into the hydration market with Raptor and Manta packs. These packs have quickly become staff favorites. No more of that barrel feel from a full reservoir, no more sloshing water, easy access to the reservoir, easy cleaning, and it is easy to put the reservoir back into the pack. The pack itself is a great carry. Very stable and it lets you stay agile on the move. The Raptor series of packs is designed for biking and trail running. The Manta series of packs is great for day hiking and traveling fast. Pick your pack size by both volume and torso length. Then go have some fun!

2. Chrome Messenger Bags 
If you carry around a messenger bag as a status piece forget Chrome. If you actually ride your bike with a messenger bag for errands and commuting then Chrome should be your first choice. These are the only bags that stay in place, protect your contents, and deliver comfort. Fully padded shoulder strap, floating pvc waterproof liner, cool seatbelt buckle, and secret stash pocket… Rack up the miles with Chrome.

3. Nemo Losi 2 Tent 
Our newest and most favorite tent manufacturer, Nemo. Your tent is your home in the wilderness, so don’t sacrifice comfort and stability for a few ounces. Nemo has used the lightest weight materials and a unique pole structure to build te Losi 2 extra sturdy and extra spacious. Plenty of space for you, your partner, and gear storage. Full mesh canopy for summer evenings and large side vents for continuous airflow on rainy nights. Losi 2P is essential.

4. Prana Kelly Capri,  ArcTeryx Rampart Short, Caqrve Designs Sunshine Hoodie 
Ready for anything, stylish, strong, and sweet… this describes Steamboat women… The clothes Yampa Valley women wear need to be equally versatile. These three pieces reflect this style of mountain fashion and function. Ski Haus offers a fantastic selection of styles from Lole, prAna, Nomadic Traders, ArcTeryx, Patagonia, Billabong, Carve Designs, and more.

5. Sea to Summit Stuffsacks 
A long time ago we learned to pack our packs with stuffsacks. A stuffsack for clothes, a stuffsack for dinner, first aid stuffsack, lunch stuffsack… We could go on but you get the idea. This is the easy way to organize your pack and not look like a pack rat when it comes time to take something out of your pack. The line of stuffsacks from Sea to Summit is complete from simple ditty sacks to waterproof compression stuffsacks. Get one today, or not, and regret it tomorrow.

6. Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bags + Backcountry deluxe.
This is how we view the Western bags. Made in the USA with only the best down insulation and workmanship available. These are premium sleeping bags. These are the bags you want to buy when you are done fooling around with the rest and you know you are buying a lifetime bag. A bag that will stand up to the test of time, lots of use, and big adventures. The last bag you will ever buy unless of course you buy 2 Western Bags, 1 for winter and 1 for summer.

7. Kaenon Jetty Polarized Sunglasses 
We could list a bunch of tech jargon here about how Kaenon shades are the best polarized lens/shades available on the market but what counts is how they look, how they feel on your head, how they protect your eyes, and how the world looks as you look through them. As far as we can tell, the world looks pretty cool.

8. Osprey Aether and Ariel Backpacks
The Osprey Aether Packs for men and Arial Packs for women are full featured packs that are ideal of 3, 4, and 5 day trips. You’re not going to take the kitchen sink with you inside these packs but they aren’t designed to do that either. The suspension is backed off just a touch to save weight but Osprey isn’t skimping when it comes to features and the nice carry these packs will give you.

9. BD Spot Headlamp 
This lamp is a best seller for Ski Haus. One centered focused LED lets you move fast and see further down the trail. Three smaller flood style LED’s gives you plenty of light options in camp or the tent including three brightness settings. Your Spot will either keep you out of spot or help you get out of a spot if you fall into one…

10. Olukai Haiku Sandal for women 
At first glance some may be shocked at the price for sandals. Those who have come back for the second and third pair (even while their first pair is still perfectly good) know they are getting quality, durability, comfort, workmanship, and island style. Olukai makes the most comfortable footwear you will ever own… If it weren’t for subfreezing temperatures over half the year this is all we would wear. For men and women. Prices range from $65 and up.

11. Gore Bike Wear
Wild weather is no reason not to ride your bike (unless lightning is sparkin’ the road or trail in front of you). Big wind, rain, snow, hail, grapple… you name it and we’ve ridden in it with our Gore Bike Wear. Easily this is the best nasty weather outerwear/bikewear you can own. When the weather turns ugly, the riding turns exciting. Don’t give up… Get some Gore Bike Wear instead!

12. Electra Cruisers
Keola – life – all is good on the Hawaii men’s bike and you, my friend, have just become the Nui Kehli√É‚ – the biggest chief of all. And for the ladies, Aloha ‚Äùãina – a deep love for the land and connection to all things which flow from the ancient Wahine spirit… All this from a cruiser? Not just any cruiser. An Electra Cruiser. Men’s and Women’s frames and colors.

13. Cervelo R3 Road Bike
Climb fast up monster mountain passes and descend with the confidence of birds of prey. Cervelo’s super stiff frame is energy efficient. It’s compliant feel keeps you fresh. Spot on geometry lets you handle and manipulate the frame like it’s not even underneath you… All in all, maybe the finest bike you will ever ride. Shockingly good!

14. A map. A compass. A book
From here the possibilities are endless. Read a map and find incredible destinations filled with big lonely spaces. Read a compass to determine if you are lucky enough to be lost in a pristine wilderness. If you do find yourself in such a place, sit down, make camp, and read the great book you brought with you. Enjoy.

15. Specialized Stumpjumper FSR 
Evolving from a 25-year legacy, the Stumpjumper FSR is absolutely the best breed of XC Trail bikes . It’s the anything and everything, make you an addict if you weren’t one already, full-suspension mountain bike, with miles upon miles of trail-tuned flow. The new lighter, stiffer and more capable 26″ alloy and carbon models and all-new 29″ alloy model only solidify the Stumpjumper’s place as the most well-rounded mountain bike available. Get one before one passes you by… Last one home, boys and girls, buys…

16. Specialized Bike Shoes, Spare Tubes, Patch Kit, Floor Pump 
Whether you love the downhill or live to battle big climbs… Designed bike shoes, clipless pedals, true spinning wheels and properly inflated tires will make your life much easier. Specialized bike shoes, Salsa spare tubes, Park preglued patch kits, and Specialized or Park floor pumps are but a few of our favorite things. This stuff will help you answer the age old question… “I don’t know if my tire is flat or if it just doesn’t have air in it…”

17. Alite Monarch Chair 
This is one of the coolest and most unique chairs we have seen in a long time. It weighs just under a pound, packs into a nice light stuffsack, the poles are shock-corded like most lightweight tents, it is super simple to set up and sit down into… Once you are reclining make sure the maid or the butler are around to serve your every whim ’cause you won’t want to be getting up anytime soon. An all time Ski Haus Fav.

18. Shorts 
Short days, short nights, short meals, short night’s sleep, short vacations… Everything about summer is short so it only makes sense to wear √É‚Äùem, too. We sell shorts for men and women from Mountain Hardwear, ArcTeryx, prAna, Billabong, TNF, Royal Robbins, Honolua, Patagonia, Lole, Horny Toad, and maybe even a couple others. Legs not included.

19. Mizuno Wave Cabrakan Trail Running Shoes 
Mizuno has been around for ages. They continue to innovate and produce very worthy products. The Wave Cabrakan is one of our best selling trail shoes. Stable, comfortable, and long wearing. It’s not what are you running from, stupid, it’s what you’re running to… How about long life and happiness? Lets hit the trail. Ski Haus also stocks running shoes from Salomon, Asics, Vasque, Merrell, and Pearl Izumi.

20. GSI Pinnacle Dualist Cookset 
We are always surprised at what GSI cook up. For a couple years now the Pinnacle cooksets have been a staff favorite. It is easy to carry just the right amount for 1 or for 4 or more. Pick your cookset and settle infor a great dinner under the stars. Crushproof lids include an integrated strainer. Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set in your pack. Unique bowl and mug with low center of gravity virtually eliminates spills while the insulating sleeve keeps your drinks hot. Welded stuff sack holds everything together while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp. HEY! What’s for dinner? I’m starving!

21. Katadyn Vario 
You gotta have water. We’ve heard of some pretty desperate actions taken by people when their water options have run dry with some pretty desperate consequences. Carry a Katadyn water filter with you and you will always have plenty of options. Never be thirsty on the trail again. The Vario is one of the fastest pumps out there. Dual action lever pumps on both the up and down stroke, adjust the filter to either engage both filters (ceramic and paper) or just the paper labyrinth filter. Super easy, reliable, and dependable. This is probably the most popular filter we stock. Don’t leave home without it.

22. Rock Gear 
Climbing on lead at the Domes or top roping Blob, a day at the crags is like finding a heads up penny. Brother, this is your lucky day! Ski Haus stocks climbing shoes from Scarpa, pro and harnesses from Black Diamond, and tons of guidebooks. We stock the only guidebook for our area…. Come along… climb in the ‘Boat!

23. Bell Volt Bike Helmet 
We know a few hard-headed women and a few knuckleheaded men but even these gals and guys wonÕt ride their bikes without a helmet attached to their craniums. One of the best helmets available is the Bell Volt. Massive ventilation, svelte weight, and high-tech comfort are a few of the reasons why we love it. Equally at home on the road or the trail, the Volt will supercharge your riding.

24. Blue Ridge Chair Works Outerbanks Chair
At the end of the day it is time to relax around the campfire. If you’re going big there is no reason not to take along the Blue Ridge Outerbanks Chair. Super comfortable, reclinable, cup holdable, and dangerous… Make sure your needs are satisfied before you plop down in this chair… After a full day of bike riding, climbing, trail running, and googin’ around the valley, you won’t want to be gettin’ up soon.

25. The Great Outdoors – Priceless
Where would we be without wild places? How would you feel knowing there was no place to escape to or no wildness to witness? Yeah, we thought so… protect what you can, be responsible for your actions, teach others, learn from others, respect what you don’t understand, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Straighten up and fly right…

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