Toko Cross Country Gloves

When you slip your hands into a glove everything should feel nice and smooth and soft and it should feel good. Guess what? This is how Toko Nordic Gloves feel when you put them on. You won’t feel any seems pressing on your fingers, the palms won’t bunch up and crunch up when you pole, and the glove’s cuffs work nicely with your pole straps and jacket sleeves. It all feels very integrated and it something you don’t think about while you’re skiing. In my mind that is the test of a good product. When you don’t even notice it – you know that product is doing it’s job.

Ski Haus stocks three models from Toko. We carry the Profi, the Classic, and the Arctic Split Mitt.

The Profi is a great racing glove or spring weight glove. When you are skiing at a high pace you are really producing a lot of heat and staying warm is generally not a problem – even on the coldest race day starts. The Profi has a winde blocker outershell, a nicely cut palm, terry thumb patch, and a lycra cuff. When you position your pole straps around this glove is feels very good. When the temperatures start to rise later in the Spring this is a great weight glove to keep your hands comfortable. Air vents between the fingers keep the air moving and you comfortable.

The Classic is warmer than the Profi. This glove is perfect for cold days and when your skiing might be a bit on the casual side. It is insulated and the seams are external – no way you are going to feel anything harsh inside this glove!

The Arctic Split Finger Mitt is for skiers who typically deal with cold digits no matter what the outside temperature. The split mitt concept adds dexterity to a mitten without sacrificing warmth. These mitts are low profile so they will work fine with any pole straps. The Arctic Split Mitt uses Thinsulate insulation and is very warm and comfortable.

So the next time you are out skiing and your thinking about your hands and fingers – you’re probalbly thinking they are either uncomfortable or cold. Skiing should be a no brainer – you shouldn’t have to think about any of your equipment or clothing. With Toko as your glove you will have plenty of time to think about everything else on your mind…s


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