Time to Start Planning, Scheming, Collaborating, and Dreaming

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The Changing of the Seasons Presents Opportunity

When you are a mountain dweller the changing of the seasons presents an opportunity to start planning, scheming, collaborating, and dreaming. It’s time to start figuring out your spring and summer trips. The mountain town exodus is about to begin if it hasn’t already. Brace yourself Utah. Your endangered public lands are about to be shown some true loving from the hordes who truly appreciate public lands remaining truly public.

I digress… Now is the time to start planning for summer backpack trips, red rock mountain bike trips, car camping trips, river trips, breaking away trips, bustin’ outta here trips, and I ain’t (maybe) coming back trips!

After a long winter cabin fever runs rampant among mountain folk. Tired of the same views, tired of the cold, tired of the mud, tired of the winter routine – it’s time to mix it up and get out of town.

Now is the time to study some maps. Flip some pages of the guidebooks. Find the roadless areas. Find the spots where the stars shine bright. Time to embrace some solitude and wildness. It’s time to gear up and replace worn out and unreliable gear. Time to ditch the insulation, long sleeves and long pants and trade ’em in for short sleeves and sandals. Time to howl at the moon and make a toast (or two or three) to your good luck at living the dream.

We’re seeing the switch at Ski Haus. With a mild February and an even still milder March the switch from ski and board to backpacks and bikes is full on. So long winter blues. Hello summertime smiles.

Need some help with your planning, scheming, collaborating, and dreaming? Come check out the Ski Haus guidebooks and maps for ideas. Come check out all the new footwear, clothing, packs, gear and essentials to make your spring/summer trip memorable for all the right reasons. We can help you with that…. time to find a sunset to ride off into…

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