Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack

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thule t2 pro bike rack
Bike Rack with Convenience

– The all new Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack takes a tried-and-true design and adds some seriously nice convenience features!
Thule T2 ProLet’s face it, all the fun stuff we do requires a certain amount of equipment. From skiing and snowboarding to climbing, camping and biking, it’s important to have the right gear. But just as critical as the gear itself is the means to get all that gear where you need to go. At Ski Haus, we not only have all the right equipment for your outdoor adventure, but also the tools to schlep those toys out there and back. With that in mind, we keep a healthy selection of Thule products on hand year-round. Thule makes a variety of rack components that will adapt your vehicle into a gear-schlepping machine!
Thule T2 ProWhen biking season rolls around, the latest must-have accessory for your vehicle is the Thule T2 Pro. This super versatile platform-style bike rack has some slick upgrades over its predecessor, including the tool-free AutoAttach system making it super easy to install and remove the rack from your vehicle’s 2” receiver. The new T2 Pro also folds much easier thanks to the HichSwitch lever. It carries two bikes out of the box, and has the ability to haul up to four bikes with an optional add-on kit. Unlike “hanging-style” bike racks, the T2 Pro will accommodate nearly any bike. Big or small, disc brakes, thru-axles, full suspension, skinny road tires, downhill monsters, and even Fat Bikes. The T2 Pro carries ‘em all. Stop by the ‘Haus this time of year, and you’ll likely find at least a few of our employee’s vehicles sporting this quality bike hauler.
Thule T2 ProWhatever your gear transportation needs, stop by Ski Haus to speak with our knowledgeable staff and we’ll get you on the road to where you’re going!
New Thule T2 Pro Bike Rack ($549)

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