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– This week’s staff pick comes to us from Toni King.  She has elected to highlight a solution to many parent’s problem, lots of gear and kids to haul…but not enough room for all the gear.  (Lets face it, as much as you sometimes want to, you can’t put the kids on the roof.  Sorry.)

Enter Thule Cargo Boxes. With a wide variety of styles and sizes, there is a Thule Cargo Box to fit your need. You don’t even need to be taxiing kids around to various practices and activities. If you like to go on adventures, then Thule still has your back. For those who want a lower profile, quiet Cargo Box, we have the Thule Sonic available to you. With patented AeroNose design up front, the Sonic cuts through wind with more efficiency than previous designs and cuts wind noise dramatically. The Large and XL models can store luggage, kid-carriers, strollers and the like without problems. Easy access is achieved with the Dual Side loading, so no matter what side of the vehicle you are on, you can still get to all the goodies up top. The oversized SecureLock is easily used with or without gloves to make sure it is tightly locked before you set off. The Sonic also has an alpine specific model, aptly named the Sonic Alpine. With a streamlined, narrower design and lower profile, it can still accommodate long/low profile gear, 3-6 pairs of skis or 2-3 snowboards. Aerodynamic dimples, similar to those on a golf ball, reduce drag even further. Multiple mounting positions allow rear hatch vehicles to have more clearance when opening the rear hatch.

The Thule Force, which we offer in Large and Alpine models, offer the same great storage capacity at a better value. With Diamond-Textured aeroSkin, the strength and durability are not sacrificed, and can take a few of the bumps and scrapes that life can throw at it. The Force is also equipped with Dual Side loading and the oversized SecureLock.  Though slightly less aerodynamic, the Force is still quieter than its predecessors.  Both the Force and the Sonic, in all models, are compatible with all Thule Rack Systems, round bars, and most factory cross-bars. Tool free mounting means you can be ready in minutes and ready to start your next adventure.(We’ll install it for you if you like).

Remember, Ski Haus is on the way to where you’re going.  So stop in, pick one up, and start enjoying a roomier road trip!


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