The Wyoming/Divide Trail: A Ski Haus Trail Report

The Wyoming/Divide Trail: A Ski Haus Trail Report

By August 17, 2019August 24th, 2019Featured, Gear, Hiking & Camping Gear

Conditions Report for The Wyoming Trail

Howdy folks!  Brandon here, with your weekly Ski Haus trail report.  Are you looking for a sweet hike to really brighten up your week?  Maybe one that isn’t too demanding but still provides the rewards of a full day on trail?  Well I’ve got the hike for you! The Divide Trail, or locally known as the “Wyoming Trail”, is in full bloom and ready to amaze!

How To Get There


From Steamboat, head east on Hwy 40 for about 23 minutes.  You’ll eventually see a sign on your left for Dumont Lake Campground.  You should also be able to see the Rabbit Ears formation from here.  You can either park on the dirt road outside of the campground (to avoid being fined) or you could take a left turn just before the campground and park at the day use area next to Dumont Lake.

About The Wyoming/Divide Trail


The Wyoming Trail is an amazing high country route that is most commonly accessed from Rabbit Ears or Buff Pass.  The section that I previewed was from Dumont Lake to Fishhook Lake, which makes about an 11 mile day out-n-back with 1,000 ft. elevation gain.  It provides access to some of the most beautiful alpine meadows that Rabbit Ears has to offer.  The best part about this time of year… the wild flowers!  They were B-E-A-UTIFUL! I’ve covered a decent amount of ground on my hikes over the past few months, and this was by far the best wildflower hike yet.

The Wyoming Trail is our proud local section of the Continental Divide Trail.  The CDT is one of our country’s few long distance trail systems spanning from Mexico to Canada.  This particular section of the trail gets you all the way to the Wyoming border (believe it or not) if you wanted to stretch it out a few days.

My Experience


Blue and I started our hike at about 8:00a.m. and we couldn’t have asked for better weather!  Blue skies with a sea of purple, yellow and red throughout the meadows. There aren’t any major creek crossings in this particular section.  Still, there is plenty of water for you and your canine companions. The Forest Service and trail crews have definitely been in the area recently and has it looking tip top.  I would like to take a second and thank those men and women who spend countless hours out there cutting and cleaning on the clock, so we can enjoy it while we’re off the clock.

Send It


Here at Ski Haus, we’ve got everything you need to prepare yourself for your next adventure, big or small.  So if you have any questions on any gear or just want to talk trail, come on by and have a chat with our friendly sales staff.  We’re here to help you.  I’ll also have a visual trail report for your review.  If you’d like to take 2 minutes and check out the conditions, CLICK HERE.  As usual, stay safe, be smart and get out there and crush it!

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