The Weather Is Never As Bad As It Seems. It's Never As Bad As It Looks

The Weather Is Never As Bad As It Seems. It’s Never As Bad As It Looks

Don't let the weather stop you

There is irony to the seasons in the mountains and the weather they bring. The irony is not with the seasons themselves it is how human nature interprets the weather that comes within the seasons.

The best example is in the dead of winter. Snow is spewing outside. Temperatures have plummeted. Winds are whipping and everyone is rejoicing. Powder! First tracks. Glory days!

But come Springtime, a.k.a. Mud Season, throw in some heavy clouds, rain mixed with snow, and the whining begins. It is relentless until the sun shines.

rain storms in the mountains

They Say and They Never Do Anything

Here is what they say. “You can’t do anything in this weather.” We say what happened to everyone’s waterproof shells? “It’s going to to be late July before the high country trails to dry out.” We counter with break out the stout hiking boots. Splash through the puddles. Brush up against the wet trees. Explore lower elevation trails. “It’s too cold to even ride road bikes!” What about the insulating layers you stay warm with in the winter? Won’t they work equally as good in the Spring? Yes.

Truth: There is no bad weather only bad clothing choices and poor attitudes. Welcome to Spring in the Rockies dudes and dudettes. The weather is never as bad as it seems. The weather is never as bad as it looks. Every head wind eventually becomes a tailwind. Buck up. Smile. Get outside. Wild weather is exhilarating no matter the season.

wild weather in the mountains
John Muir in the Sierras

I often think of John Muir’s writing about experiencing a storm in the Sierras – at the top of a very tall tree.

“. . . [N]ever before did I enjoy so noble an exhilaration of motion. The slender tops fairly flapped and swished in the passionate torrent, bending and swirling backward and forward, round and round, tracing indescribable combinations of vertical and horizontal curves, while I clung with muscles firm braced, like a bobo-link on a reed. . . . I kept my lofty perch for hours, frequently closing my eyes to enjoy the music by itself, or to feast quietly on the delicious fragrance that was streaming past.”

In the Rocky Mountains all moisture is good. All wild weather is refreshing and exciting. Fire and drought are only one dry spell away. Revel in the wet weather of Spring while it is here! It is never as bad as it seems. It is never as bad as it looks…

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