The Snowboarder & Splitboarder's Christmas and Gift List

The Snowboarder & Splitboarder’s Christmas and Gift List For The Holidays!

By December 9, 2018December 15th, 2018Featured, Snowboards, Top 25

snowboarders gift list

Not Sure What To Give the Riders On Your List? Ski Haus Can Help!

snowboard selection at ski haus

The Ski Haus Gift Guide for Snowboarders and Splitboarders are suggestions for both giving and receiving. Here are some items in stock at Ski Haus that make easy gifts for any in-bounds rider or backcountry splitboarder. They are also the gifts, as snowboarders, that we’d love to receive, too!

Snowboarder Wishlist


  1. K2 Maysis Heat Boot (Men’s) / Sapera Heat Boot (Women’s) $449: Our bestselling snowboard boot, now available with an integrated Therm-ic heating system.
  1. Jones Mind Expander Snowboard $549: A fresh take on all-mountain surfing courtesy of Jeremy Jones and surfboard shaper Chris Christenson.
  1. Anon M4 Goggles MFI $299: The easiest quick-change lens system on the planet, Magnetic facemask (included), and options for both cylindrical and toric lens shapes.
  1. Karakoram Prime Connect-R Bindings $399: A top-shelf binding for your resort board that can effortlessly be moved from one deck to another with the included Quiver Connectors, and it’s also upgradeable for use with your splitboard.
  1. Salomon Rumble Fish Snowboard $499: Nicknamed the “She-sassin”, the women’s specific version of the iconic Assassin snowboard truly does kill it everywhere on the mountain!
  1. Burton Cable Lock $16: You’ve invested in the right gear, now make sure that it goes home with the right person!
  1. K2 Cool Bean Snowboard $469: Groomers or pow, be prepared to get weird looks as you struggle to wipe the uncontrollable grin off your face brought on by this amazing little swallowtail.
  1. Burton [AK] Swash Jacket $419: Warm and dry thanks to 2L Gore-Tex and PrimaLoft insulation, this technical jacket will make sure that rugged weather doesn’t send you in early.
  1. Jones Expedition Board Bag $239: Now that you have an Ikon Pass, you’ll need a sturdy board bag to protect your gear as you venture to new destinations and ride new terrain.
  1. Deeluxe Footloose Powsurfing Boot $210: An absolute necessity for those embracing the art of binding-free shredding!


Splitboarder Wishlist


  1. Spark R&D Arc Pro Bindings $540 –  How do you improve upon the most elegantly simple splitboard binding on the market? Make it even lighter!
  1. Jones Hovercraft Splitboard $849 – The most timeless shape on the wall, and my personal favorite for almost any uphill snowboarding mission!
  1. Karakoram Quiver Connectors $75 – Simplify your quiver by effortlessly moving your Karakoram Prime bindings among all of the boards in your arsenal.
  1. Burton Flight Attendant X Splitboard $1,499 – The absolute lightest weight, highest performance splitboard Burton had made to date.
  1. K2 Aspect Boot $449 – If your snowboarding adventures venture well beyond the resort, you’ve just found your new boot!
  1. Spark R&D Tip & Tail Clips $20 – A simple upgrade that will legitimately improve the connection between the two halves of your splitboard.
  1. G3 Cabrio 30 Airbag Backpack $849 – The simplest, and most hassle-free avalanche airbag system on the market today.
  1. Jones Nomad Pro Skins $239 – The highest-quality skins you can get for your splitboard. Period.
  1. Salomon Pillow Talk Splitboard $799 – Shaped by Wolfgang Nyvelt, this women’s specific board tours as well as it surfs!
  2. Black Diamond Carbon Compactor Poles $164 – A collapsible pole designed to fit inside your pack since we use ‘em going up, but not coming down!

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