The Ski Haus Nordic Skier’s Gift Guide For The Holidays

Dec 13, 2019 | Cross Country Skiing, Nordic

Gift Giving Made Easy With The Ski Haus Gift Guide

The Ski Haus Nordic Skier Gift Guide is our top ten (or so) items we would love to receive as gifts ourselves.


Every Nordic skier would be pleased to receive a gift from this list. All of the gifts on this list are tried and true. They are dependable and indispensable. Or, perhaps you’re just a little unsure of what to give the xc skier on your list so here is a helping hand to get the ideas flowing.

Happy Holidays. Merry Christmas. Happy New Year and keep on xc skiing!

Backcountry Touring

1. Fjall Raven Tour Pant ($250). A great backcountry pant with zip vents and lots of pockets for storage. The pant’s fabric is a perfect weight that doesn’t feel too heavy or too light. Plus, the fabric sheds snow and will keep you dry. Fjall Raven is a Scandinavian company and they know a little about cross country skiing. Trust Fjall Raven.
2. Fischer Variolite Adjustable Touring Pole ($89.95). This pole adjusts to a full length touring height (even for tall skiers) and adjusts low enough allowing you to make comfortable turns. The straps develop a memory so the loops stay open for easy in and easy out. The basket is ideal for backcountry snow so they won’t sink, as a result, they’re very fun to ski with.
3. Fischer Traverse 78 Ski: ($299.95) Fischer Excursion 88 ($339.95) Fischer SBound 98 ($359.95). These are delightful hill and dale touring and turning skis for the backcountry. Choose the 78 for more touring. Go with the 88 for touring and some turning. And ski the 98 on the way to your hill to make turns. It’s easy to match your style and terrain with Fischer XC skis. Fischer Offtrack Crown pattern offers a very solid kick and a wonderful glide.

Skate and Classic Skiing

4. Swix Quantum Four Pole ($110.00). Often new xc skate or classic skiers settle for entry level poles. These budget poles will get you around the track, yes, but as soon as you upgrade to a lighter weight pole you’ll  wonder why you waited so long! Reduce pick up weight and swing weight with this moderately priced pole but very satisfying pole.
5. Fischer Waterbottle Drink Belt ($29.95). Quick and easy way to say hydrated on the go. Angled water bottle keeps the bottle handy. Never underestimate your thirst!
6. Maxiglide ($12.00) or Swix F4 Wax ($17.00) with Swix Felt/Blue Nylon Brush ($16.00): Simple surface waxes to keep your skate, classic, or backcountry touring skis gliding and prevent icing. The felt brush increases the durability of the wax by buffing the wax after application.
7. Rossi X10 Skate Boot: ($300.00) Fischer RC5 Skate Boot ($219.95) or Salomon S/Race Sk Pro ($429.00) Expect great performance from these boots for any budget! Torsionally strong to set your edge and kick. Great fit options. Comfortable fits. New boots are a great gift idea!
8. Fischer RCS Skate Ski ($495.00) Rossignol Xium Skate Ski $449.00) or Salomon RS8 Skate Ski ($254.99). Any skier will have a fun time at the skate track with any of these skis. All of these choices provide excellent performance with out World Cup pricing. When you’re laying on the calories over the Holidays skate skiing offers a great balance. Eat up!

Dress Right

9. Bjorn Daehlie Beito Jacket ($130.00). A perfect midweight jacket that will protect you from the cold, snow and from overheating. Everyone loves the Daehlie style and you can’t go wrong with an Olympic Nordic champion.
10. Knit Hat ($25.00+). A new stylish XC knit hat feels good and looks good. Swix, Daehlie, Skida, and more!
11. Salomon Equipe Nordic Glove: $42.00. Nice midweight glove that feels great on your hand while holding your Nordic poles. Warm without being heavy.
12. Craft Fuse Knit Next to Skin Base Layer ($59.99). Craft makes the best moisture wicking base layers for high aerobic activities. Stay dry… stay comfortable… stay warm with Craft!
It is the season for gift giving and Nordic skiing! The two are a perfect match unless you’re unsure of what gift to give your cross country skier. Ski Haus can help you fill a stocking or help you place some very nice skis, boots and poles under the Christmas Tree for your xc skier.
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year!