The Ski Haus Holiday Gift Guide for Downhill, A.T., and Telemark Skiers

Ski Haus Gift Guide

The Ski Haus Holiday Gift Guide is a collective recommendation from our staff to you. Whether the people on your list are Alpine Skiers or Nordic Skiers, Snowboarders or A.T Skiers, Snowshoers,  or just good ol’ lovers of the outdoors. Ski Haus has the perfect gift for you to give.

These recommendations are the gear and outerwear our staff members use day in and day out all winter long. These recommendations come from our many years of personal experience, learning the ins and outs of what works and what doesn’t work. You can count on the fun meter being pegged this Holiday Season!

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For the Alpine Skier:
1. Black Diamond Fixed Carbon Pole $119.95  We love the excellent swing weight of these poles and the Kevlar wrapped tip for extra strength. These poles will last and last!

2. Platypus .5 Soft Bottle $7.95  Don’t forget to drink some water while you’re skiing and riding! With the soft bottle tucked inside a parka pocket it will be easy to stay hydrated – without the bulk of a backpack or hardsided water bottle.

3. ArcTeryx Axino (m) or Axina (w) Insulated Knickers $199. New this winter. These knickers fit nicely under a shell pant and provide the best insulation for the nastiest winter days. Lightweight. Reduced bulk. 3/4 length stops right above your boot.

4. Pret Cynic X Helmet $140. Pret goes the distance in design, safety and comfort. Mips technolgy for added protection, detachable Covert ear covers for changes in the weather, nice goggle/helmet interface, and good looks!

5. GoPro Camera $199 to $399. Video is cool and GoPro is the leader in creating easy ways to record the action, edit out the goofy stuff, and make you look like the Heros you and your family truly are. Go big. GoPro!

6. Salomon QST Pro 100 $499. Here is a great price for a really good all-round alpine boot. Custom moldable shell for the perfect all day fit. This boot is easy to get on and take off. Close to the shell fit for increased control. Famous Salomon fit.


For the A.T. Skier (alpine touring)
1. Dynafit TLT Jacket (or Hoody) $259.95 Hiking up and skiing down, AT skiers don’t want to overheat. The TLT Primaloft Jacket on its own can provide the right amount of insulation hiking up. Throw on a shell jacket over the top for the ski down and you’re set! Men’s and womens.

2. Patagonia Down Shirt $199 This is the perfect layer for the minimalist. At 272 grams here is a featherweight layer that will take the edge off a cold day when you’re skiing further, faster and lighter. Packs into its own pocket for easy stash and go. 600 Fill Down. Men’s and women’s

3. Black Diamond Lt Wt Softshell Glove $29.95 Too hot is too bad! Fast forward endeavors like alpine touring, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing, demand clothing that won’t make you overheat, sweaty and uncomfortable. This goes for your hands, too. This is why we recommend the BD lightweight softshell glove. Great dexterity. Breathable and comfortable.

4. Black Diamond Mid Weight Waterproof Gloves $69.95 We claim every winter day is a dreamy dry snow powder day… But of course, sometimes California sends us a dose of its Sierra Cement and on those days we need waterproof shells from top to bottom. The BD Waterproof glove fits the bill for the A.T. skier wanting light, waterproof, with the perfect amount of insulation. Great dexterity. These gloves feel great.

5. ArcTeryx Procline FL Pants $299.99 We can’t stress this enough. Skiing uphill is a heat producing activity. Skiing back down what you just climbed can chill down the sweat you just produced mighty quick – unless you were smart enough not to get all hot and bothered on the way up. The ArcTeryx Procline FL pants are a soft shell pant, very breathable, and weather resistant. Trim fit. Men’s and women’s. ArcTeryx famous bomber durability, minimalist design, and good looks. Men’s and women’s.

6. Sweetwood Cattle Company Beef Jerky $7.00 Homegrown beef from right here in the Yampa Valley, home to Steamboat Springs. When you burn calories you need to replace calories. If you’re in the backcountry and can’t replace those calories you are a hurtin’ unit. Time to chow down on some homegrown beef jerky so you can take your turn leading the line and breaking trail. Yeehah!


For the Telemark/Backcountry Skier
1. Icebreaker Flexi Chute Neck Warmer $24.95 The sneaky cold wind that makes it down your collar and sends shivers up your spine and goosebumps into your ears should be eliminated – immediately. But, of course, if you had the Flexi Chute with you in the first place no such sneaky wind can exist! Use this 100% merino wool layer as a neck-warmer, twist it into a beanie, pull it up as a facemask or a sunshade, or fold it into a headband. You’ll be glad you never left home without it!

2. Voile Knee Pads $40 If you love to drop your knee tele-style  (the most graceful downhill turn ever invented) you’ll want to protect your knees from early season rocks and stumps and mid winter ski bounce-backs hitting you while you’re rippin’ the bumps. Knee pads, use ’em as if your winter depends on it. And of course it does…

3. Thermos .75 Liter Vacumm Insulated Bottle $30 We can’t think of a better scenario than sipping a hot drink from your Thermos on a super cold day in the backcountry. Cold smoke snow and a warm tummy. Give it up. High Five! Shall we keep skiing? Of course! We have hot drinks! 24 hour insulation for your liquids.

4. G3 Via Carbon Adjustable Poles $129 It is nice when you’re skiing the hill and dale of the backcountry to lengthen or shorten your poles depending on terrain. If you are on a long slog to a worthy slope or descending the line of lifetime – the correct length pole for that particular time is a good thing. Our Canadian brothers at G3 are excellent suppliers of good things – including the Via Pole.

5. Pistil Knit Hat $30 (more or less depending on style) It’s smart to wear a hat in winter. Pistil makes some of the best looking knit hats for town and the backcountry that we’ve seen. Keep the ears warm, let the hat vent extra heat out the top, look good and feel good!

6. Voile Ski Straps $4.95 to $8.50 Use ’em as ski ties, attach your boards to your sled, glue two boards together and strap ’em up for a home-style glu-lam, secure the top of Santa’s bag, seal a container, strap stuff together… you can’t live in the mountains without several of these straps – summer or winter. How will you use yours?


  • Joe Madril says:

    I am looking for a Women’s A/T Ski Boot for my wife – Scarpa or La Sportiva – size 26 – last year’s or current model.
    What do you have in stock? Anything in the sale outlet above the liquor store?
    Joe Madril

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Joe,
      We’re pretty clean considering last year’s boots. Nothing left over. In a current model we have the Scarpa Gea ($629) or the Freedom SL ($745). No official sales going on right now other than if you were considering skis and boots and bindings we can put together a package price for you. Hope this helps. Write back or call 970.879.0385 for details. Thanks, Murray

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