The Ski Haus Alpine & Alpine Touring Skiers Gift Guide

The Ski Haus Alpine & Alpine Touring Skiers Gift Guide

By December 14, 2019January 15th, 2020Alpine & Telemark, Top 25
The Ski Tucker loaded with gifts for alpine and alpine touring skiers for Christmas

Great Gifts For Both Skiing Downhill and Uphill...

The Alpine ski selection at Ski Haus includes Armada, Rossignol, Salomon, Nordica, Black Crows and more!
The selection of alpine or downhill boots at Ski Haus is impressive!Don't ski the backcountry without a shovel, probe, and avalanche beaconThe G3 adjustable ski poles come highly recommended by the staff at Ski Haus steamboat springs colorado

The Ski Haus Alpine and AT Gift Guide is put together by staff members who ski and use all this equipment day in and day out. Every product has been personally tested and, as a result, you can depend on this gear to be long lasting and an excellent value.

Every downhill skier and alpine touring skier will be psyched to open one or more of these terrific gifts for the Holidays!


  1. Black Crow Atris and Atris Birdie Skis $839.95
    The Atris and Women’s counterpoint the Atris Birdie are some of the most versatile alpine skis we have ever seen. At 108mm under foot they are wide enough to crush powder, but the shape will have you skiing the whole mountain every day.
  1. Armada Shift Binding $599.99
    One binding to ski them all. The Shift binding has the unique ability to work, and release, as a ski binding on the way down, and offers the efficiency of pins for the way up.
  1. Giro Contact Goggle $250
    Here is a goggle for every light condition and is quite the gift. The Giro Contact comes with 2 Vivid lenses that change as fast as the weather during a Colorado winter day. Sunny in the morning, cloudy in the afternoon? The Contact has got you covered.
  1. POC Obex Spin BC $250
    Give the gift of safety this holiday season. The POC Obex Sprin BC is a truly innovative winter helmet. It comes with all the features to keep your head safe and more. Paired with the POC app, this helmet can tell a rescuer your full medical history with a smart phone.


  1. Giro Blue Tooth Audio Chips $130
    Listen to your music and stay connected to the world. Audio chips fit in almost any winter helmet and allow you to control your phone by simply tapping your ear.
  1. Atomic Backland FR Adjustable Poles $110
    How do you make adjustable poles better? You make it so the poles double as screw drivers. Pull the lowers out of the poles for one regular and one phillips head screw driver.
  1. Dakine Boot Pack $70
    Give the gift of a boot pack that truly caries it all. The Dakine boot pack comes with huge reinforced zippers and more storage then you will know what to do with.


  1. Dry Guy Warm N’ Charge $40
    Cold hands? Sick of disposable hand warmers? Dry Guy’s Warm N’ Charge might be right for you. A hand warmer that you can charge with a USB. What could be better?
  1. Eco Wax 13.95 to 15.95
    Want your skis and skins to glide but to lesson your impact on the planet? Eco Wax is the perfect gift for you. Plant based rub on ski and skin wax are the perfect thing to carry in the backcountry and these ones don’t pollute.
  1. Voile Straps $4 to $9.50
    Voile straps are the perfect stocking stuffer. Use them for everything from keeping your skis together, to tying your Christmas tree to the roof of your car. 1 million uses and counting.


  • Kevin Stoneburner says:

    How do I purchase a gift card from Ski Haus?

    • Murray Selleck says:

      Hi Kevin,
      Please give us a call at either 1.844.878.0385 or 970.879.0385 and we can set up a gift card for you over the phone. We do have a file of gift cards at our main register so whoever is receiving the card can gome by Ski Haus and pick it up here or we can mail it. Ours hours are 8am to 7pm. Christmas Day we will be closing at 4pm. Thanks! Murray

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