The Saddle Is Key To Your Bike Riding Comfort And Performance

The Saddle Is Key To Your Bike Riding Comfort And Performance

By August 30, 2017Bikes, Featured, Top 25

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Specialized Bike Saddles for Road and Mountain Bike Riders

Among all of the components that make up your favorite bike, the saddle is one of the most important and Specialized has options to suit every rider. It doesn’t take a wild imagination to understand why the proper saddle can make all of the difference. Whether your preferred path is pavement or dirt, there are a variety of shapes to accommodate different body positions given the type of bike. For example, your seated position on a mountain bike is going to be considerably different than it would be on a road bike. For that reason, the shape of your saddle should be tailored to match your body position.

Specialized takes it a step further. Their saddles are also offered in a variety of widths to address the anatomical differences from person to person, specifically sit-bone structure. When a saddle is properly fit, it will support the rider by their sit-bones thus eliminating pressure on the soft tissue. This allows for proper blood flow to sensitive arteries. You can’t tell what someone’s sit-bones are like just by looking at them, so we have a non-invasive way of taking that measurement so that you get the right size without having to get fresh! And yes, saddles are also offered in gender-specific designs.

Most importantly, we offer a demo saddle program so that you can try a few different saddles on your bike before making a purchase to ensure you get exactly the right one! See you at the ‘Haus!

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