The New K2 Aspect Snowboard Boot. Capable. Versatile.

The New K2 Aspect Snowboard Boot. Capable. Versatile.

By November 24, 2016 Featured, Snowboards

snowboard boots

snowboarding boots

The Aspect is Uniquely Capable Snowboard Boot

The new K2 Aspect snowboard boot was built to travel well beyond the resort boundary. Equipped with features that are more commonly found on mountaineering boots, the Aspect is one of just a few offerings in the snowboard world that cater to those going above and beyond to earn their turns. Here at the ‘Haus, we specialize in backcountry gear, so we’re thrilled that one of our favorite snowboard boot brands is offering a legit BC model.

The K2 Aspect boot is first and foremost a snowboard boot… It is not simply a mountaineering boot that has been adapted to fit in a snowboard binding. It functions as you would expect a performance snowboard boot to function. That said, it is engineered to handle terrain outside of your bindings that you’re unlikely to find at any resort. The unique Vibram sole packs plenty of grip for climbing and is crampon-compatible. The combination of the Intuition Pro Foam 3D liner and the Boa Conda fit system allows you to effectively customize your fit for both riding and hiking. K2 also gave the Aspect a tough leather upper that will stand the test of time, season after season.

Whether you’re accessing your favorite lines on a splitboard, snow machine, or in a climbing harness, the Aspect is uniquely capable of getting you out there and back comfortably. See you at the ‘Haus!

2017 K2 Aspect Boot ($479)

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