The Great Outdoors and Covid-19… Navigating Our Way Our Way Through

Jul 23, 2020 | Bikes, Hiking and Camping Gear


Biking, Hiking, Climbing, And Exploring Our Way Through A Pandemic…

Like everyone, Ski Haus is experiencing a brave new world out there. This summer we have seen many folks who have never given camping a second thought until covid became part of our reality. Our bike shop has sold twice as many bikes so far this season in half the time.

More and more people are discovering the great outdoors for the first time. Many are rediscovering what has been missing from their lives for a very long time. Families are camping, riding bikes, and taking hikes together like never before.


The Great Outdoors as Sanctuary

The mountains around our home in Steamboat Springs have always provided a sanctuary. Sarvis Creek Wilderness, the Flat Tops Wilderness, and the Mount Zirkel Wilderness are right in our backyard depending on which way you are facing.

Within the United States, Wilderness Areas, our National Parks, Monuments, Forests, BLM lands, State Wildlife Areas, and public parks are all places to visit and travel lightly. These places beg you to stop and look and listen and feel connected during a time that perhaps we have felt entirely disconnected in town or at work or while “locked down” at home.

Being outside offers a great sense of normalcy. No covid. No masks. Social distancing is simple. Finding the isolated, beautiful, lonely spots without crowds is what we’re looking for whether we’re living through a pandemic or not!


Gear Up. Stock Up.

Our advice? Check your gear. Replace what needs replacing. Purchase some boots and a pack. Find a bike. Check that you have the essentials like a map, food and water, compass, lighter, shelter, 1st aid kit, rain gear, sunscreen, sunglasses and make a day of it. Go for a hike. Go for a ride.

Better yet spend a night or two out. Get away, really away. Find your isolated piece of wilderness and soak in the beauty of the great outside. A little breathing room will go a long way to maintaining your sanity and equilibrium. Outside is where we find peace and hope.

And when you come back to our brave new world… have your mask, frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and keep your socially acceptable distance from others. We can do this!