The Cross Country Ski Season Has Arrived in Steamboat! -

The Cross Country Ski Season Has Arrived in Steamboat!

By November 10, 2018 November 17th, 2018 Featured, Nordic & Cross-Country

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Welcome Home Winter! It's Nice To Have You Back!

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Finally, winter has arrived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. We’re cross country skiing up on Rabbit Ears Pass. Bruce’s Trail up on the Pass is open for both skate and classic skiing.

Bruce’s Trail is in midwinter form with great cold snow, great coverage, and of course, this trail is going to work you over your first lap or two… or three.

I was able to get my first skate ski in last week over my lunch break. I have to confess, this hot and dry summer combined with to-do lists both at work and home left me a bit out of shape. Bruce’s Trail reminded me of what I already knew. Just shy of 10,000 feet, Bruce’s is a huge does of reality when all you really want to do is revel in your delusions… I loved my first few laps around Bruce’s despite my gulping for air and chasing my balance up the trail… It was wonderful.

Everyone who gets a chance to skate or classic ski up on Bruce’s for an early season work out knows how blessed we are to have this trail up on Rabbit Ears Pass. While we patiently wait for more snow in the valley and for our local touring centers to open – we trek up to the Pass for full-on winter skiing conditions.

The marked Touring Trails on Rabbit Ears Pass are also skiing very nice. The West Summit Trails, Fox Curve, and Walton Peak are all great options. A few of the creek crossings will be an adventure until we get more snow but who cares? We’re skiing, winter has come home to Steamboat Springs and we couldn’t be happier!

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