The Blackburn Outpost Series of Bike-Mounted Gear Bags

The Blackburn Outpost Series of Bike-Mounted Gear Bags

By August 10, 2016 Bikes, Featured

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Extend Your Mountain Bike Ride!

– The Blackburn Outpost series of bike-mounted gear bags from makes light work of bike-packing trips. A key component to any expedition is having the right gear and the ability to get it from A to B. Blackburn has come up with some thoughtful ways of organizing your gear so that everything has its place, and your bike still rides like a bike.

The Outpost Seat Pack securely mounts to your seatpost and saddle rails providing easy access to the included 671 cubic inch dry bag. It’s ideal for overnight mountain biking trips, but also serves as an alternative to wearing a backpack or mounting panniers when commuting. The Seat Pack with dry bag retails for $119.

The Outpost Frame Bag fits nicely into the front triangle of most hardtail bikes and is available in two sizes to accommodate a variety frame designs and sizes. Blackburn incorporates a unique feature that allows the bag to be expanded downward when additional storage is required. The Frame Bag retails for $64.

The Outpost Handlebar Roll creates the perfect spot for schlepping your tent, sleeping bag, clothing, or almost anything else you can think of. The included 702 cubic inch dry bag opens on both ends adding to its versatility. The mounting bracket features a quick release, eliminating hassle when unloading at your campsite. The Handlebar Roll with dry bag retails for $99.

Ski Haus staffers, Ben and James love the opportunity to extend any mountain bike adventure and have perfected new ways to carry everything they need on their bikes thanks to the Blackburn Outpost series of bags. It’s not uncommon to catch them pedaling off after work fully stocked for a night of camping or gearing up for a longer quest… but it always involves a bike.

If you’re planning to get it all there and back on two wheels, Ski Haus is on the way to where you’re going!

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