Switching Seasons From Ski to Bike... Where's All My Stuff? -

Switching Seasons From Ski to Bike… Where’s All My Stuff?

By April 8, 2017 Bikes, Featured

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Switching Seasons is Exciting Until You Can’t Find What You Need

– Switching seasons is exciting. Feeling the anticipation of getting your first Spring mountain bike or road bike ride in is fun. It’s exciting picturing yourself climbing in mid summer form and banking into downhill corners like nobody’s business until you can’t find all your bike clothing and bike gear you need to even take that first ride.

This “move it and lose it” scenario seems to happen to me with every change of every season. I think I remember putting my helmet, shorts, jerseys, knickers, arm warmers, etc., in a spot that will make them easy to find come Spring. But it is never the case. “I put it right here!” is what I say to myself as I empty storage crate after crate. But is it there? No. It makes me feel like a rookie.

When it’s time to turn the page from one season to the next I get amped-up. I’ve decided it’s time to put the skis away and get the bikes out. I’m fired up and ready but this change from ski to bike is a living nightmare. Where are my gloves? Why aren’t my bike shorts with my jerseys? And dang it if my vest is missing too. My bike computer’s battery needs recharging. And it looks like the air cartridge to fix a flat is shot from the flat tire I fixed on my last ride last Fall. And okay, for that matter I don’t have a spare tube either… What the heck!

All I want to do is go ride.

All I can do is look through my crates of gear one more time. Destroy the closet in search of anything bike related. Tear into the garage thinking if I were me where would I put that stuff? All I want to do is find everything without having to look in the last place last…

I manage to find some bike shorts that aren’t the ones I was looking for and a jacket that is bit overkill for the temperature. A vest would be ideal. I don’t need the computer for a first ride and I don’t think I’ll flat (to paraphrase Murphy’s Law). The water bottle I find doesn’t look too manky so it will do. I throw a leg over the frame and start to pedal and realize that my drivetrain needs cleaning from my last ride last Fall when I flatted. My tire pressure is low since I forgot to top off the tires since I was busy checking the blown air cartridge. My bike shoes feel loose in the pedals and I remember the cleats are shot and should have been replaced last year, and my helmet needs replacing…

Other than that I’m feeling pretty horrible as I climb the first hill since no ski muscles have ever translated into good biking muscles in the history of skiing and biking. Rookie. I can’t wait for the second ride of the season. Maybe I’ll have my act together but I should storage wax my skis first and put them away in a good place… forget that. I’m too busy biking.

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