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By June 29, 2015Bikes, Featured

riding a surly pugsleyIt’s an attitude

– Surly Bicycles are perfect for those who want something a little different. Founded in Minnesota in 1998, Surly sought to bring some uniqueness to the world of cycling, and have succeed in giving us several distinctive two-wheeled creations.

Surly Big Dummy Cargo bikeIn 2005 Surly introduced the Pugsley, the first mass produced FatBike… a category that has exploded in recent years with most major bike companies offering their own version now. We had always thought of these rigs as snowbikes seeing as how we live in Steamboat and playing outdoors in the winter is why most of us moved here. However, FatBikes have become quite popular for pedaling dirt trails in the summer as well, leading us to change our thinking a bit. There are now several subcategories of bikes featuring monster tires designed for more float and better traction, but ultimately it started with the Pugsley.

The Big Dummy is another prime example of Surly’s ability to avoid conformity. This Cargo Bike has been in production for nearly 10 years, but it’s still good for a double-take, and continues to get a lot of comments from visitors who have yet to see anything like it. The Longtail frame allows for a variety of custom configurations to haul your choice of cargo up to 200 lbs. The frame even incorporates rear foot rests in case your cargo happens to be another human. We have the Big Dummy in our rental fleet this summer so you can experience it firsthand!

I believe Surly has become even more unique as they have remained true to the simplicity they are known for, while bikes in general have gotten more complex over the years. Surly continues to build their bikes out of 4130 Chromoly Steel, they have avoided elaborate suspension systems, and have inspired more custom builds than any other brand in our store. Here at the Ski Haus, you are likely to see a number of Surly Bikes belonging to members of our staff parked outside on any given summer day… Corwin’s 1×1, James’ Karate Monkey, Todd’s Krampus, Connie’s Cross-Check, and the list goes on…

If “unique” is what your quiver is missing, Surly will fill the void. See you at the ‘Haus!

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