Summer Is On The Wane -

Summer Is On The Wane

Colorado Tundra
Save Your Summer!

– It’s early August but already Steamboat Springs is seeing the ferns of the forest and the willows in the creek bottoms start to fade and turn gold. The first hints of Fall are subtle but they are a major surprise when your subconscious recognizes the signs and signals your brain. The thought is how can I really be seeing fall color and how can I really be feeling these cooler temperatures in the morning and noticing a little less light both in the morning and evening? It’s only the beginning of August! Summer is in full force and I’ve got plenty of time to hike and bike and explore and get out of town and do all the things that I told myself I would do way back in May… And now that I really think about it there are only 4 or 5 weeks left to get it done before “back to school” and other stuff gets in the way of not achieving my summer goals another year. Where does the time go?

Well the sky is not falling and this is not Armageddon but this is your wake up call.

Make a new plan. Plan to take advantage of every moment you can to yourself outside. Camp under the stars. Climb a 14er. Take a hike. Go rock climb. Get yourself outside. Ride a few passes in a single day. Feel summer’s warmth on your skin before it becomes Fall’s frost.

See you outside!

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