Steamboat's Most Convenient Rock Climbing Areas -

Steamboat’s Most Convenient Rock Climbing Areas

Butcherknife rock climbing

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When thinking about rock climbing Steamboat Springs is not the first place you think of. Steamboat may not even make your top 50. But, what Steamboat lacks in terms of notoriety, it makes up with a small local climbing scene that offers many options.

Many of the crags, or climbing areas in Steamboat are pretty tame in the grand scheme of things, but what it lacks in difficulty, it makes for a great place for beginner and intermediate level climbers to cut their teeth.

Butcherknife Crag

Every mountain town seems to have their in-town spot to climb and for Steamboat Springs,  Butcherknife is that place. There are a few different rocks to choose from to climb on. All the routes are top rope, which makes it a great place climbers looking to make the transition from climbing in a gym to climbing outside. Butcher knife is located at the corner of Missouri Ave. and Park Rd in Stanley Park. Less than a 5 minute walk down the trail and you reach the first couple of rocks.

Blob Rock

Many of the climbing areas are off the beaten path. Blob rock is no exception to that. Located near Fish Creek Falls, it is a quick walk up the Uranium Mine Trail. This rock offers all sorts for climbing for beginners to intermediate level climbers. There are both sport and top rope options for climbers to choose from depending on skill level. The views are also hard to beat, the rock sits higher then Fish Creek Falls, and can be seen from the crag, it also offers an amazing view of the southern Yampa Valley.

Hole in the Wall Canyon

For those climbers looking for a little bit more of an adventure, Hole in the Wall Canyon checks the box. Located 30 miles north of Steamboat Springs right outside the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness. From the parking lot to the canyon is about a half hour hike along the Elk River. Hole in the Wall Canyon has many different options for all levels of climbers. From fun cruiser pitch sport climbs to top rope to multi pitch trad climbing. Hole in the Wall is full of options for any climber no matter what their ability.

Whether you are making the jump from climbing at the gym to climbing outside, or working on leading your first trad route, Steamboat has a crag that fits the needs of all climbers. Stop in Ski Haus before you head out, get some beta, grab some chalk, we are on the way to where you’re going!

Top – Butcherknife Canyon
TopLeft – BlobRock
Bottom Left – Hole in the Wall Canyon

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