Steamboat's Hot Springs Trail Is In Great Shape for Hiking And Running

Steamboat’s Hot Springs Trail Is In Great Shape For Hiking And Running

By May 17, 2019May 24th, 2019Featured, Hiking & Camping Gear
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Hot Springs Trail Conditions Update

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Do you like Steamboat’s Hot Springs Trail? Well my friends, it’s finally that time of year again! Blue skies, warm days and green as far as the eye can see. Lower elevation trails are good to go and Steamboat’s Hot Springs Trail is one of our favorites. The mountains are calling!

It seems those early season trails have melted out and are open for business. My boy, Blue, and I have put in quite a few miles over the past few days, hiking in the Mad Creek area, mostly on “Red Dirt Trail” and the “Hot Springs Trail”, and we couldn’t have hoped for better conditions! It only takes an hour to get to Strawberry Park Hot Springs from the Mad Creek Trailhead, so why drive when you can take this scenic approach?

Hot Springs Trail Warning Signs

There is a sign at the Hot Springs Trailhead warning us that a mountain lion and three cubs have been spotted in the area. Blue and I did stumble across a couple of mule deer and elk carcasses off to the side of the trail near the creek, but to be fair, we do share a backyard with these magnificent creatures, so it’s not totally shocking that they are around. Just be smart, hike in groups and stay on trail.

Trail Conditions May 16, 2019

Sunny with a bit of overcast throughout the morning and a light, cool breeze. The mud and flooded trail sections are almost nonexistent and whatever is left is easily avoided. As far as we could tell, we were the only ones out there. There were a few cars in the Mad Creek parking lot, but we didn’t see a single person on trail. It was quite peaceful, but surprising for how nice the conditions were. So I’d go get it while the gettin’s good!

Great Trails for Dogs

There is plenty of water and a few small, trail-side snow patches left for our canine companions to roll around in and cool off, getting that last snow covered coat of the season. The trails in this area consist of a cruisy elevation gain, but nothing too strenuous. Perfect for a trail run, casual hike with the pets or as a mellow intro trail for those friends and family who come to visit and want some cool scenic views and a lay of the land, but without that “I just climbed a mountain feel”.

Get out there and get your spring time fix. Enjoy the beautiful valley view, river walks, a quiet saunter through the thriving aspen groves, and if you keep your eyes peeled, you may even stumble across the remains of a couple of old trapper cabins to check out. Quite the snack spot, if I do say so myself! From there, you only have about 20 minutes before you make it to the Strawberry Park Hot Springs. So take a dip, sit back, relax and reflect on how awesome your life is!

We are living the dream, people! Get out there!

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