Steamboat Springs' Seedhouse Crag - From Top To Bottom

Steamboat Springs’ Seedhouse Crag – From Top To Bottom

rock climbers at seedhouse crag

Seedhouse Crag: One of Steamboat's Best 'All-round' Climbing Areas

Seedhouse Crag from a distance. Great views!

Seedhouse Crag climbing area is located just 30 minutes from downtown Steamboat Springs. Steamboat Springs isn’t known for climbing but it does have lots of options that many people don’t know about.

Seedhouse Crag is one of these lesser known gems even though it is easy to find. The Seedhouse Crag is a paradise for sport climbing and top roping alike. There are a lot of options for beginners to experts.

Seedhouse Crag Options

The Seedhouse Crag is actually two different walls, an upper and a lower. All of the routes at this crag have bolts at the top with chains connecting two bolts. Solid. You can reach many of the routes scrambling up between the two walls and walking to the top of each wall. A warning, some of the anchors are a little tricky to get to, and you might be better off just leading the route if capable.

Beginners to Experts

The routes range from 5.7 to 5.11+. Since all of the routes are bolt protected from top the “easier” routes make great practice for the budding sport climber. With big holds that offer great rests right next to the bolts, the Elvis leg impersonation won’t make an appearance.

The majority of the routes are between 30 and 50 feet tall. This allows for climbers to do a number of different routes in a morning session or an afternoon. MF’r (5.10a/b) and The Gnome (5.11) offer advanced climbers some more spice if that is what you’re looking for.

Mountain Project dot com

Mountain Project offers a great resource for climbers new to the area or climbers looking to explore a new crag. It offers pictures and guidance on how to find these crags. Much of the rock around Steamboat can be tough to find. Directions to Seedhouse Crag can be found on the Mountain Project website and app.

This climbing area is very easy to find as it is right off the side of the road. Remember that you are just climbing rock and to always have fun. Stop in Ski Haus before you head out, get some beta, grab some chalk… We are on the way to where you’re are going!

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