Steamboat Micro Adventure: Bike-packing Buffalo Pass

Steamboat Micro Adventure: Bike-packing Buffalo Pass

By July 5, 2018Bikes, Featured

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Bike-packing is yet another way to experience the Routt National Forest that surrounds us here in Steamboat Springs! While I have enjoyed both mountain biking and camping/backpacking since I was very young, combining the two was a new experience for me.
We try to gather our staff and do an employee shop ride once a week, and this past weekend a few of us made it an overnighter on Buffalo Pass. Years of backpacking has taught me the importance of getting your kit dialed in… what you need, what you can live without, and the little things that can make or break your experience. Bike-packing really takes that to a whole new level.  Not only are you trying to bring what you need to function (and be reasonably comfortable) without carrying unnecessary weight, but the WAY you carry your gear involves just as much strategy when adding a bike into the mix.
After locking the doors on Sunday evening we pedaled from the shop downtown to the Spring Creek Trail where we climbed the 5 miles to the Dry Lake area and then roughly another 5 miles up Flash of Gold to meet Buffalo Pass Road. From there, we rode a few more miles up to Rocky Flats and setup camp for the night. A campfire, a great meal, and a couple cold beers rounded out the day before crawling into our ultralight tents and bivy sacks.
The next morning we were up and packed early. A refreshing descent down BTR (Bear Tree Ridge trail) where you really appreciate how well you’ve packed (and placed) your gear got us back to Spring Creek and finally to the ‘Haus in time to open the store for business Monday morning. This simple overnighter gave me a new appreciation for gear selection and the approach to properly carry your kit in such a way that you don’t impact the performance and handling of your bike.
We stock a variety of frame bags, seat packs, handlebar rolls, cages, etc. to accommodate your adventuring rig and effectively haul your carefully selected gear assortment. Stop by the ‘Haus and we’ll gladly help to outfit your bike with the most appropriate carrying solutions for your given application!
Editor’s Note: This trip took place before the Stage 1 Fire Restrictions took effect for the Routt National Forest. Be aware –  like Smokey Bear.
Photo Credits:
Top: Left to right, Donald, Ben, Justin, James, Dom. Photo Michelle Koch
Left Top: James, Justin, Dom on their way up. Photo Ben Brodski
2nd down: Santa Cruz Tallboy packed and ready. Photo Justin Johnson
3rd down: More climbing with Dom, Justin, and James. Photo Ben Brodski
4th down: Camp on top of Buff Pass (before the fire restrictions went into effect). Photo Donald Bibbo

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