Spark Splitboard Bindings Made In Bozeman, Montana USA -

Spark Splitboard Bindings Made In Bozeman, Montana USA

spark splitboard bindings

splitboard bindings by Spark

Looking for a Spark

– “Made in the USA” is becoming a rarity in our industry, making companies like Spark R&D stand out and earn some bonus points in my book. Not only are they responsible for giving us the very first splitboard-specific binding, but they have continued to improve the sport of splitboarding with creative innovations and products that are still made by hand in Bozeman, Montana.
Now in their 10th season, Spark R&D does everything from design, CNC machine, anodize, laser engrave, assemble, test, package, and ship all in-house. Their passion for the sport and attention to detail is evident in every product they make. We are proud to offer Spark R&D bindings at the ‘Haus, and feel that they continue to produce one of the best upgrades you can make to your split setup!
The popularity of splitboarding has resulted in a vast variety of new products hitting the market. Many snowboard manufacturers have felt the need to offer a splitboard or two, and some have even developed their own binding interfaces. While we applaud efforts to improve existing gear and technology, it can be pretty obvious which companies are passionate about splitboarding, and which ones are simply making gear in that category because there’s a market for it. The truth is, there are some quality snowboard companies that are making some pretty mediocre splitboard equipment (I will refrain from naming names)!
Spark R&D has a home here at the ‘Haus because they get it. They’re not a big company, but they do one thing and they do it exceptionally well… Right here in the good ‘ol USA! We stock a healthy number of Spark R&D splitboard bindings and accessories for men and women. We also have bindings available to demo. Looking for that Spark? See you at the ‘Haus!
2017 Spark R&D Surge Binding (men’s or women’s)… $415
2017 Spark R&D Arc Binding (men’s or women’s)… $385

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