Split Early And Split Often. Demo Splitboards at Ski Haus!

Split Early And Split Often. Demo Splitboards at Ski Haus!

By January 10, 2018Featured, Snowboards

demo splitboards at ski haus

You Can Get Anything You Want At (alice’s restaurant) And Ski Haus

We demo splitboards at the ‘Haus!! It wasn’t that many years ago that splitboards were simply a novelty among the snowboard community, with many riders never having heard of them. Fast forward to today, and now almost every major snowboard brand offers at least one split option in their lineup. With so many options out there, and more and more riders seeking out these uphill rigs, we have made it easy to find the right one… Try before you buy!

We support splitboarding in an enthusiastic way here at the ‘Haus! As a part of that, we have splits available to demo. That way if you’ve never tried one, or if you’re shopping for your next one, you can experience it before investing in your own setup. We offer the opportunity to demo both men’s and women’s splits from Jones and Burton. Whether you’re looking to hike the resort for fitness (and get first tracks on epic runs like Arc) or looking for the best mechanism to get deep in the backcountry, we have you covered! We also have a knowledgeable staff that can help make sense of what board, binding, interface, skins, and safety gear will provide you with the best experience for your next adventure.

Looking to get split? We have it all. See you at the ‘Haus!


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