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Specialized Turbo e-Bike

By May 4, 2015 Bikes, Featured

Specialized Turbo X
Innovative Electric-Assist Bicycle

– Anyone who has dreamed of having superpowers will find the Specialized Turbo e-Bike to be lacking just one thing… a cape! I have to be honest, I had never really paid too Specialized Turbo X Hubmuch attention to electric-assist bikes (or e-bikes), however we chose to offer the Turbo this year, and I admit one lap will have you thinking about all the superhuman applications.

The Turbo X is not a scooter, it’s a legitimate bike that you pedal like any other. However it takes your effort and multiplies it in a way that will have you grinning. In other words, it makes Fish Creek Falls Road feel more like the Core Trail! The Turbo uses a remarkably smooth direct drive hub motor to maximize efficiency in power transfer from motor to forward motion, while minimizing wear on the drivetrain. This works by putting the motor directly inside the rear hub to assure that all the power generated goes directly into forward motion therefore nothing is lost or wasted in the process.

The Turbo X features a burly yet sleek alloy frame with Performance Geometry for high-speed riding with fully-integrated downtube battery, internal routing, thru-axle dropout and full fender/rack mounts. Specialized engineered the unique frame of the Turbo to be exceptionally strong and stiff in the critical areas to handle the added weight of a battery and motor, and the rigors of riding at up to 30 mph, while still steering and braking nimbly and safely.

I challenge anyone to stop by the ‘Haus and try not to crack a smile as you take the first pedal stroke on the Turbo and find yourself moving noticeably faster than a mere mortal!

The Turbo is available in three models ranging from $3,800 to $6,000.

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