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Specialized Hotwalk

By July 31, 2012Bicycles, Bikes, Blog, Featured

The easiest way to teach your youngster to ride!

Specialized-HotwalksI’ll bet you can still remember your first bike….It’s one of those events in life that sticks with you.   I mean let’s face it, there are few things cooler when you’re a kid than getting a new bike!  Whatever your cycling pleasure, be it mountain or road (or a bit of both), we all got our start somewhere.


For those youngsters in your life that are approaching the time to transition from first steps to first wheels, Specialized has just the thing… the Hotwalk.  This brilliant design embraces the idea that ‘less is more’ by eliminating the cranks, the chain and the pedals!  The Hotwalk is a “walking bike” with foot platforms and is low and light enough for toddlers to scoot around without any help from mom and dad.  This slick ride is by far the easiest way for the little ones to learn the balance and skills that they will one day use to ride on their own.  The Hotwalk is available in both boys and girls styles and features the Specialized Premium A1 Aluminum frame, an alloy blade fork (much like a big kid’s bike), tough alloy rims, and Specialized Rhythm Lite Sport tires that will go from driveway to dirt with confidence.


We carry a full line of bikes and accessories for kids of all ages.  Bring the whole family and get set up right at the ‘Haus!



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