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Specialized Grail Gloves

By July 20, 2015 Bikes, Featured

Specialized bike glovesSpecialized Gloves are Handy

– The new Specialized Grail Gloves are ergonomically designed to be everything you need and nothing you don’t. Featuring a unique pad system designed by a real-life doctor, Body Geometry gloves (including the Grail) have been engineered to help reduce hand numbness by improving circulation and equalizing pressure in the soft tissues of the hand.

Specialized Grail GlovessIt’s truly the little things that can make the biggest differences. The Grail has become my go-to glove because of its minimalist design, but not at the cost of comfort. The Equalizer gel pad creates a uniform surface across the palm, but is not over-padded therefore preserving positive handlebar feel. The Grail breathes well and has proven durable in spite of its understated appearance. This glove also features Wiretap technology so that operating all of our touch-screen devices can be done with our gloves on… it’s almost too bad that has become so important!

Personally, I prefer full-finger gloves but the Grail is available in a half-finger as well. The half-finger variety bears all the same features as the full and both are available now at Ski Haus!

Specialized Grail Glove (Full $40, Half-Finger $35)

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