Fat Bikes and the Specialized Fatboy -

Fat Bikes and the Specialized Fatboy

By December 11, 2013Bikes, Featured

Specialized Fatboy BicycleRIDE ALL YEAR ‘ROUND!

– Big fat bikes that love snow and sand are said to be the fastest growing segment in bikes these days. For those who know – they are nothing new. For those who have never seen one before – holy cow! What a crazy looking bike! Where can I ride something like that?

For starters, ride this bike in the snow and have a blast. In the summer ride it in sandy conditions that might stop you cold otherwise. Or, just ride it like you would your regular mountain bike. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyday. A few manufacturers have been making these bikes for about three years now. So what is so different with the Specialized Fatboy? For starters this bike is light and agile and the handling is notably improved over anything else available right now. You will recognize the Specialized handling when it comes to moving this bike around. Light, fun, accessible, and agile is what Specialized was aiming for when they produced this rig. They also recognized this category of bike is no fad…. it is officially mainstream and going big!

The Fatboy steamrolls into 2014 with a 135mm front hub, 190mm rear hub and 90mm hookless rims, each weighing 795 grams. Specialized offers two aluminum versions, the Fatboy and Fatboy Expert. Each features a tapered headtube that holds a carbon fork, with clearance for tires up to five inches wide. Both the Fatboy and Fatboy Expert models will feature SRAM components, and hydraulic disc brakes.

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