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Specialized Ambush Bike Helmet

By July 16, 2015 Bikes, Featured

Specialized AmbushThe Best and the Lightest

– The new Specialized Ambush Bike Helmet is one of the lightest and best ventilating extended-coverage mountain bike helmets we’ve ever had here at Ski Haus… and we know our helmets!

Specialized Ambush Bike HelmetThe importance of wearing a helmet anytime you hop on a bike is a “no-brainer”. However, not all helmets are created equal. Just as all of our head shapes vary, so does the fit and shape of the helmets on the market. For this reason, we carry a variety of brands and a wide range of models at Ski Haus. There are several things to consider when purchasing a new mountain bike helmet, including ventilation, adjustability, style, and of course budget. Nevertheless, fit will always be the paramount consideration.  When it comes to helmets, achieving the proper fit has just as much to do with shape as it does with size.

It is easy enough to determine what size helmet you need. Most brands will associate a centimeter measurement with each of the sizes they offer. You can verify your size by using a measuring tape and wrap around your head above your ears and across your forehead about an inch above your eyebrows.  That measurement will correspond to a centimeter range for a particular helmet. Figuring out what shape makes the most sense is a little bit more complicated. Here at Ski Haus we will gladly help you with the fitting process and ensure you have the best fit for your uniquely shaped head! Comfort is an important byproduct of having the correct fit, but so is safety.

It’s easy to understand that a helmet that fits well will protect better than a helmet that is the wrong shape or size. Helmets also have a “shelf life”. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace your helmet every 4 years to ensure proper protection. If your helmet looks like the inside of a $3 gas station cooler and has an elastic slip-cover, it’s a safe bet that you need to upgrade!

Specialized designed their new Ambush helmet with a low-profile, in-molded shell and extended coverage for added protection and durability. Their fit system, called Mindset 360, provides a secure, customizable fit with a 360-degree tension adjustment. Specialized also integrated the dial into the shell for a clean look and simple tuning. A feature that is easily overlooked initially, but unlikely to go unnoticed after the first ride is the Gutter Action Brow. This well thought-out liner was designed to be quick drying and channel moisture away from your eyes… feel the burn from the climb, not the sweat!

So, quit rollin’ around in your tired lid and get to the ‘Haus. We would love to help you find your ideal fit and function!

Specialized Ambush Helmet ($180)

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