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Spark R&D Magento Splitboard Bindings

By November 6, 2013Featured, Snowboards

Riding Powder on a splitboardEASY WAY TO UPGRADE YOUR GAME

– Here at the ’Haus, we’ve been supporting snowboarding since the mid 1980’s. During that time, we have experienced the evolution of the sport as it has grown from a backyard novelty into the massive industry that it is today. With that growth, there has been incredible advancement in the technology and design of snowboarding equipment. The idea of what a snowboard is capable of has obviously evolved as well. I doubt that pioneers of the sport like Sherman Poppen ever imagined that his “Snurfer” would be the predecessor to boards that would later compete on the global stage at events like the X-Games and Winter Olympics, and ride some of the biggest lines in the most remote places on Earth.

Magento BindingSplitboarding is one of the best examples of how snowboards have evolved to improve access to the mountain playground. While splitboards have been around for more than 15 years, the recent surge in popularity has inspired dramatic improvements to the equipment being offered by some of the best snowboard manufacturers in the world. While the boards that are available today are infinitely better than those available just a few years ago, I still believe the most dramatic upgrade you can make to your splitboard setup is a splitboard-specific binding.

magento splitboard bindingSpark R&D is based out of Bozeman, Montana and continues to be an innovator in the world of splitboarding. This season they unveiled their new line of bindings featuring Tesla Technology. The ride characteristics of the binding remain the same, however the transition from ride-mode to tour-mode and back has been improved dramatically. For those who aren’t familiar with Spark’s Bindings from recent years, they created the pivot point in tour-mode using a pin that was inserted under the toe ramp. This pin also locked the binding in place when in ride-mode. While this method of attachment worked, it was miles short of ideal. The pin was prone to freezing and fit issues and was tethered to the binding ensuring it would always be in the way. In a stroke of genius, Spark R&D reengineered the baseplate of the binding and eliminated the pin altogether. Tesla Technology features a “Snap Ramp” to replace the antiquated pin design. This hinged toe ramp acts as a “gate” to create the secure connection in both ride and tour-modes. With a seemingly small improvement, Spark R&D just made the act of using a splitboard even more enjoyable! And so the evolution continues…

We stock the AfterBurner and Magneto Bindings from Spark R&D as well as everything else you could possibly want or need for your Splitboarding adventure. The ‘Haus is also your source for splitboard rentals. We have the new 2014 Jones Solution and Women’s Solution mounted up with the new Spark R&D Magneto Bindings. Get to the ‘Haus, then get out and ride!

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