Snowshoeing with Poles -

Snowshoeing with Poles

By March 7, 2012Gear, Snowshoes

We recommend snowshoeing with poles. Personally, I like them. I’d rather do something with my arms rather than just let them swing and hang as I walk. Snowshoeing with poles provides stability while descending and they add power as you climb. They give you more of a full body workout. Using poles will burn more calories than just walking or snowshoeing without. Studies have shown you will use 16% to 23% more energy as you work your upper body, arms, shoulders, and core torso muscles while snowshoeing. I can’t snowshoe without them. They have become a natural extension of my snowshoe session…

An adjustable pole is nice. You can fine tune the height specifically for you. Some people will take the time to adjust a pole for climbing (shorter) and lengthen the pole for the descent. Usually I don’t take the time to do that but I have adjusted the length of pole depending on how deep the snow is.

Three of our best selling adjustable poles that people like to for snowshoeing are the Black Diamond Travese, Fischer Variolight, and the Rossignol BC Adjustable.

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