Snowshoeing In And Around Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Feb 6, 2021 | Featured Products, Snowshoes

Snowhoeing in deep snow

Snowshoeing can get an undeserved bad rap especially in a ski town. We’re here to say that a pair of snowshoes is actually a great thing to add to your quiver of winter fun.

One of the best things about snowshoeing is the entire family can do it together. Young, old, in shape, not in shape – it doesn’t matter – everyone can be together and enjoy a pace that is comfortable for all. Family time should never be underrated.

Dogs love to snowshoe

Dogs Love Snowshoeing!

Another great thing is how much dogs love it! Dogs get to set their own pace. Skiing or fat biking with your dog can add too much stress on them unless you are super careful. However, keeping up with your dog while snowshoeing might teach you a thing or two about endurance…

We’ve all heard the right tool for the right job and that is what snowshoeing brings to the table. There is tons of great terrain to explore that the only way to safely access it is with snowshoes.

Try negotiating your way through a scramble of downed aspen or beetle kill pine. Or how about deciphering a route through thick scrub oak? On a pair of skis it’s downright treacherous! With snowshoes it is both practical, safe, and fun.

Snowshoeing through deep snow builds muscle and good health

Snowshoeing is Healthy

Snowshoeing is also healthy. When you snowshoe with a pair of poles and keep a good pace you can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. It’s an easy way to build muscle and endurance. This is a great way to improve your agility and balance. And, being outside in the winter, hiking through a forest or a wide open meadow, improves your sense of well being.

Hiking with snowshoes lets you slow down. Even living in a mountain town we experience too fast, too hectic, and too overwhelmed. Strap a pair of snowshoes to your feet and slow down, breathe deep, and relax.

Snowshoe Sizing

Snowshoe manufacturers like to publish weight ranges for different size snowshoes. This is helpful but it doesn’t tell the whole story.

We like to suggest to folks buying snowshoes to think about the snowpack they will be in most often. Perhaps a smaller statured person consistently breaking trail in deep snow may want a larger snowshoe. And of course, the opposite is true too. A big person on a packed trail may find a smaller snowshoe more practical. Weight and use both play an important part to selecting the right size.

Where to Snowshoe in Steamboat

Where to Snowshoe

There are many places to snowshoe around Steamboat Springs. Some of our favorites are Emerald Mountain (above Howelsen Hill) right in town. Spring Creek and Fish Creek Falls are wonderful. Rabbit Ears Pass, Stagecoach, Pearl Lake, and Steamboat Lake State Parks are great snowshoe destinations.

Stop by Ski Haus and check out our map selection for where to go snowshoeing. We’re here to help.

There may be little fame, glitz, and glamour to be had with snowshoeing compared to some high profile winter sports but that is a good thing.

Ski Haus stocks snowshoes from TSL, Atlas, Crescent Moon, and MSR.

Snowshoe Etiquette – Snowshoers should stay to either side of a cross country skier’s track. Be kind and do not trample the xc track so skiers can enjoy a smooth gliding track. Thanks!