Snowshoe Etiquette -

Snowshoe Etiquette

By March 4, 2012Blog, Snowshoes

Ski Haus is an unique mountain shop since all of our employees love to do such a wide variety of winter sports. We love to alpine ski, alpine tour, telemark, snowboard, cross country ski, and yes, we love to snowshoe, too. All of our employees are sure to follow the proper etiquette/protocol of each disipline… skier code on the mountain, avalanche safety in the backcountry, and even snowshoe etiquette when it comes to xc trails.

Proper snowshoe etiquette has the snowshoer staying off a xc trail. Hike to the left or the right of the trail so the sker’s trail remains smooth for kicking and gliding. A snowshoe will really beat up a xc ski trail making it harder to set kick and harder to glide out. Please respect the effort that a crosscountry skier went through to break this trail and do the same when it comes to making your snowshoes trail.

Knowledge is a great thing. Know your winter sport! Thanks.

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