SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent -

SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent

SlingFin treeline tents
Lightweight Tents… And Strong

– The SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent made an immediate impression on the staff at Ski Haus. Right when we set up the CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent you could tell it was light but more importantly we could tell that it was strong, stout, and taunt. The tent set up tight!

SlingFin Crossbow 2 Mesh TentSlingFin entered the outdoor business by building expedition and high altitude base camp tents. No tent should ever fail but the consequences of a high altitude tent failing is the difference between life and death. SlingFin made it’s highly regarded reputation on the high peaks of the world, from Denali to Everst, climbers have put their faith in these well designed, well built tents.

This year, SlingFin is offering a new line of tents they call their Treeline Tents. Here are the tents for the rest of us. No less adventurous, and perhaps, no less demanding of our gear, we expect quality and dependability. SlingFin delivers with the CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent.

Like I said earlier, once the CrossBow 2 is set up, push on the tent poles and you can feel how this tent is going to easily standup against high winds and adverse weather.

The interior of the CrossBow 2 has efficient room for two. That is to say there is no wasted space inside this tent but it is not so small as to not be comfortable. You’re not squeezed inside like sardines in the name of claiming to make the lightest weight backpacking tent. Lightweight is great but a lot can be said for being comfortable. There are two doors, two spacious vestibules, two monster storage pockets… All the comforts of home when you’re forced inside to wait out some mountain weather.

The strength of the tent comes from SlingFin’s WebTruss. This incorporates the bow pole and a X shaped sleeve the two crossing poles slide through. Essentially, the tent offers the strength of a sleeved designed tent with the convenience of clips. When you clip the bow pole you feel the tent’s sidewalls really tension up nicely and it helps form a very vertical wall. When you’re inside the tent sitting up those near vertical walls make the interior of tent nice and comfortable.

Another nice feature of the SlingFin CrossBow 2 Mesh Tent is the dry entry. If it’s raining when you want to get inside your gear or the inside of the tent won’t get wet. This should be a pretty basic design feature of every tent but you’d be surprised how many tents let your stuff inside the tent get wet while you’re trying to duck inside.

You can conform your CrossBow a few different ways (all options are not included). Set up with the Mesh body this makes for great 3-season use. Fastpack setup (no tent body). Or all the way to a 4-season setup (with Ripstop Nylon tent body).

Here are the details:
Capacity: sleeps 2 People
2 poles plus top bow pole, vertical strut poles, or trekking poles
2 doors (side) with dry entry
32 sq ft
41.5″ interior height
Packed size 14″ x 6″

Two thumbs up features:
Extremely versatile tent
Flysheet folds back to create nice awnings
2 extra-large vestibules (11 sq ft + 11 sq ft)


One final note: I had a conversation with a customer a year or two back. This person was raving about how lightweight their tent was. “Lightest tent made” was his claim. He even went on to say how great the company had treated him when he had to send the poles in for a warranty. As for the rest of the story – his tent failed in a crazy mountain weather event. It blew down and the poles collapsed. My two cents says the lightest does not mean the best. “The heaviest tent in the world is a lightweight tent that failed”. – Phil Scott (SlingFin design and production guru).



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