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Sleeping Bags

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The Best Camping is When Your Sleeping Bag Works as Advertised

– Not being able to sleep because your sleeping bag isn’t doing its job for you is very unpleasant. In fact we can think of nothing worse. Ski Haus stocks some of the best sleeping bags available from Nemo, Big Agnes, Sea to Summit and Western Mountaineering. A good night of sleep starts with a great sleeping bag and pad.

Ski Haus has sleeping bag options for the minimalist thru hiker counting grams, backpackers and campers looking for comfort and efficiency, and base campers requiring nothing short of luxury.

Ready to find the right sleeping bag for the perfect night of sleep? Ski Haus has you covered!

Salsa 15° 650 DownTek
Rhumba 15° DownTek
Verve 20° Stratofiber
Celesta 25° Stratofiber
Stato Loft 25° 700 DownTek
Concerto 20° 700 DownTek
Symphony 25° Stratofiber
Tango Solo 30° 700 DownTek
Tango Duo Slim 30° DownTek
Sonic 15° 850 Down
Sonic 0° 850 Down

Crosho UL -20° 850 DownTek
Beryl SL 0° 650 DownTek
Spike Lake 15° 600 DownTek
Mirror Lake 20° DownTek
Husted 20° DownTek
Elsie 15° synthetic
Little Red 15° M4 synthetic
Wolverine 15° M4 synthetic

Talus Ts II 14° 750 fill DryDown
Trek Tk II 18° 650 fil DryDown (women’s and men’s)
Trek Tk III 12° 650 fill DryDown
TerraLite 25° 850 fill down
Alpinlite 25° 850 fill down
Apache 15° 850 fill down
Antelope 5° 850 fill down

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