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Sky Terrain Maps

Sky Terrain MapsThis is the most popular map of the Steamboat Springs area…

The Colorado-based Sky Terrain Maps are known for their award winning cartography in which science and art are combined to create a very easy to read and easy to interpret map. Each map is custom designed. Graphic excellence, composition, field scouting & detail work are all top notch.

The popular Steamboat Mt Zirkel Sky Terrain Map coverage includes Rabbit Ears Pass to the south up to the Wyoming border to the north. This is the definitive map to use if your hiking or camping north of Steamboat Springs. The detail map work of the Mount Zirkel Wilderness is second to none. These are the maps you can stare at for hours dreaming up your next trip. And you’ll love using them when it comes time to make that dream trip a reality.

Ski Haus sells this map equally well in the winter or summer. Cross Country skiers, snowshoers, snowmobilers, backpackers, campers, hunters, and dreamers will use this map over and over. Made with waterproof/tear proof paper it will hold up to years and years of use. $12.99

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