Ski Haus Swimwear and Sandal Sale and the Joy of Vacation! -

Ski Haus Swimwear and Sandal Sale and the Joy of Vacation!

sandal and swimsuit sale

sale on sandals and swimwear at Ski Haus Steamboat Springs Colorado

Swimwear and Sandals Go Together Like Warm Water and Warm Sand

– Timing is everything and the Ski Haus Swimwear and Sandal Sale couldn’t come at a better time. Lots of mountain folks can’t wait to bail out of town as soon as the ski area shuts down the lifts. The exodus for warm water and warm sand or the redrock desert trails of the southwest practically happens overnight.

Two essential items no vacationer should do without are a swimsuit and a pair of sandals. Perhaps this is really all you need!

Ski Haus stocks swimsuits and sandals from Carve Designs, prAna, Patagonia, Roxy, Billabong, Quicksilver, Reef, Olukai, Sanuk, and Rainbow. It is safe to say our selection is extensive and you will be sure to find the perfect pair of sandals and the perfect fitting swimwear.

The Ski Haus Swimwear and Sandal Sale includes all women’s models, men’s, and kid’s. No one is left out! We also like to say in the footwear department this is as bipartisan sandal sale. The sale price includes both the right and the left sandals since they work best together!

Time off from work, vacations from your routine, breaks from this and that and the other things are essential. Plan ahead and unplug. Turn off the cell, shut down the computer, disconnect from the web, breathe deep, look and listen… this is the only way to see and hear what truly is important. The joy of vacation…

Don’t delay you procrastinators… this sale runs until April 23rd, 2017.


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