Ski Haus Gear

The Ski Haus mascot is the venerable Tucker Sno-Cat of Medford, Oregon. And Ski Haus has two! Our 1956 Tucker Kitten sits in front of our main store and the 1972 Full Size 6 passenger is across the street at our gas station/liquor store/ closeout shop. Both Tuckers run great and have been featured in numerous Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival and 4th of July Parades.

These old Tuckers remind us of time when the snow fell deeper, the turns were all the sweeter, the pace of life a little slower, and all the tales were taller! Jump forward and our Tucker Sno-Cats remind us that adventure comes in all kinds of forms, styles, and intensities. Go big or not so big. Start before dawn, end well after dark, or get ‘er going at the crack of noon. No matter your age or winter tool preference – the idea is get going and keep going – just like a Tucker!