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disc golf player Ben Brodsky– Here at Ski Haus, we try to stay up-to-date with most of the activities people like to do in town, and out. One of the more popular, but lesser-known sports is disc golf. Sometimes called frisbee golf, or frolf, it is played similar to traditional golf. Discs (not to be confused with frisbees, you wouldn’t want to try to catch one of these bad boys – they’re heavier and fly faster). are thrown from a designated tee box, into a basket or “hole.” However many throws it takes you to accomplish this is your score. Lowest score at the end of the round wins. (And probably has to buy the drinks after).  Disc golf courses vary in distances, difficulty, and type of terrain they are built on.  It’s a great sport if you like the outdoors and hiking, which we all do here in the ‘Boat, and most of our four legged friends appreciate the exercise as well, as long as they know to leave the discs alone.

disc golfThis week’s Staff Pick comes to us from our “Frolfer Extraordinaire” Ben Brodsky, also known as the shipping and receiving guy. An avid disc golfer, Ben has been bugging me to write a segment on this sport. As we now have some nifty new products in, it was time.  Innova Disc Golf makes any, and everything you might need to frolf. We have a large selection of discs (yes there are differences).  We have drivers, long-distance discs for use off the tee.  Mid-range discs, for use off the tee of shorter holes, or for approach shots.  And of course, putters.  These are straighter flying, for close-distance shots.  Most people play with just a driver and a putter, but with all the options for many different types of each, you can customize your own play.

We now have baskets available!  The Skillshot is a portable, collapsible basket. It folds up like an umbrella, and the legs fold up so it can fit in the trunk of most cars.  Made of 600 Denier Polyester,  it is durable and can take many beatings from missed shots or being tossed in the car. 16 chains hanging from the top help stop the disc and also give that sound that can signal a hole-in-one, or a made shot from out of visibility. Adjustable tripod legs allow the basket to be placed on uneven terrain to make more challenging and fun play. The Skillshot also comes with a carrying case and weighs only 26 lbs, so no matter where you are going (remember, we’re on the way), you can test your skills anywhere, or feed your frolf addiction. So stop in, check them out, and give it a try!

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